How Do You Think Disney World’s NEW Alien Remix Figures Stack Up Against Fan-Favorite Funko Pops?!

Step aside Funko Pops, we’ve found our newest collectible obsession. Or did we?! A new Alien Remix collection is set to hit shopDisney TOMORROW.

Alien Remix Loungefly

On a trip to Magic Kingdom today we browsed through the shops in Tomorrowland and came across Toy Story Alien Remix figurines that we may or may not have bought on the spot. The weird thing…they sorta remind us of Funko Pops!

Similarities aside, look at the cuteness! How could you possibly decide which one to buy?

Alien Remix

This little Alien is dreaming of being a gourmet chef and channeling his inner Remy!


This Alien is a true fashionista, dressed to the nines like Edna Mode!

Edna Mode

Personally, we think these Aliens are already pretty cute, but when they dress up like Boo, it’s just too much cuteness to handle.


Even when they’re all fired up like Anger, we can’t get enough!


If you’re looking to start your own Alien Remix collection, you can spot them at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin Photos for $9.99 each! These aren’t available online yet, but we will let you know if they make an appearance on shopDisney soon.

Take a look at other adorable pieces of the Alien Remix collection here!

What Disney merchandise do you like to collect? Let us know in the comments!