Is Disney World’s Enchanted Rose Lounge as Enchanting as We Remember? Read Our Latest Review!

Disney World is a magical place to go on a vacay!

Enchanted Rose

But have you ever explored the spell-binding lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa themed after Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? It’s called Enchanted Rose, and the space itself is very enchanting!

We first stopped by Enchanted Rose when it opened last year and, in true Disney Food Blog fashion, we ordered EVERYTHING on the menu! (We got a few odd looks. WORTH IT.)

Everything on the menu at Enchanted Rose!!

Enchanted Rose was previously Mizner’s Lounge, but since its renovation last year it’s been transporting guests into a magical fairy tale!

Enchanted Rose

Each room is packed with TONS of subtle detail! If you’re a fan of the retelling, you’ll definitely need to put Enchanted Rose on your Disney World to-do list!

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When you first walk in, Enchanted Rose might look a little stuffy at first, especially if you’re unaccustomed to visiting Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort (AKA Disney World’s most SWANK hotel!). Even though this lounge experience skews a bit more upscale, it’s still pretty casual and very playful! What we’re trying to say is don’t be deceived by your first initial impressions! You won’t be that out of place in your theme park gear — it’s much more approachable than it seems.

The lounge, like just about every other location we’ve visited around Disney World, has distanced the tables and chairs to keep guests at least six feet apart. Markers are on the ground indicating which side to stick to when you walk around.

Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Rose is sectioned into four themed rooms including the Signature Bar featuring a gorgeous light installation over the main bar — it was designed to resemble the long, flowing skirt of Belle’s ballgown!

Enchanted Rose Bar Area

The Garden Room is dark and moody, inspired by the forest surrounding Beast’s castle.

Garden Room

We’re thinking Belle’s favorite room would be the Library! Now, you won’t find Belle twirling around the bar in her big yellow dress. There aren’t any singing teapots or dancing feather dusters or characters here since Enchanted Rose takes its theming from the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast rather than the animated movie.

But this is the spot you’ll find most of those nods to the characters in the film. Keep an eye out for Lumiere and his pals!

The Library

Lumiere in Enchanted Rose Lounge

Cogsworth, is that you?

Enchanted Rose

As you look around this room, more and more objects will probably catch your eye! See if you can find Mrs. Potts in her cozy little spot!

Mrs. Potts

Finally, you can choose to sit outside on the Outdoor Patio made to resemble what it would be like to sit out on Beast’s terrace of his castle!

Outdoor Patio at Enchanted Rose Lounge

The hours of Enchanted Rose used to be 1PM-midnight daily, with food served starting at 5PM. Since the hotel reopened, hours have been from 4PM-11PM daily, with food served from 5PM-10PM.


Enchanted Rose’s menu consists of a few snacks and a large assortment of drinks. This spot actually offered us a physical, disposable menu once we were seated. You can always opt to view the menu online as well.

Appetizers include a variety of starters. Note that this menu is smaller for now, as many restaurants are offering limited menus following the reopening. If you’d like to see our original review of the full menu, you can check it out here!


But cocktails are still the main draw.


Enchanted Rose currently has four Featured Martinis. Note that the tableside prepared cocktails are currently on hold, but if you’re visiting when they return, they’re a LOT of fun to watch being prepared, and they definitely have a storyline to them.


Several types of beer and hard cider are available as well.

Beer and Hard Cider

You’ll also find a robust wine menu at Enchanted Rose that goes on…


…and on!


Non-alcoholic refreshments are available as well (and some of the most unique we’ve seen on property!).


We picked out a few of our favorites from our last visit to see if they stood the test of time (or is that TALE as old as time?)! Let’s check ’em out!


For our cocktail, we decided to go with their Old Fashioned for $20. It’s made with Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Orange, Sugar in the Raw, and Angostura Bitters. This is an Old Fashioned done exceptionally well. It was smooth, not too sweet, and so so drinkable.

Old Fashioned

Like we said earlier, we’ve tried just about every specialty mixed drink at Enchanted Rose, but they really know how to do the timeless classics too! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the extensive cocktail list, our pro-tip is to go with what you know! For us, an Old Fashioned is always a solid option. (But seriously — their hand-crafted exclusive drinks are actually QUITE good if you’re in the mood for a new favorite!)

First up, we ordered the House-made Flatbread for $18 which arrived at our table loaded with Charred Broccolini, Seasonal Mushrooms, Fennel Sausage, Ricotta Salata, and Tomato Confit.

House-made Flatbread

The veggies tasted really fresh while the crust was nice and crispy! All of the flavors of the toppings blended together really well and we especially loved the seasonal mushrooms. They lent a nice texture and earthiness to the flatbread. The sausage was really savory and packed with tons of flavor too!

House-made Flatbread

Next, we ordered one of the items we were obsessed with last time — Truffle Fries for $14! These crispy fried potatoes are topped with Shaved Black Truffles and 18-Month Aged Parmesan for the ultimate “cheesy french fries” indulgence!

Truffle Fries

Once again, we were blown away by the flavorful Truffle Fries at Enchanted Rose! The fries themselves are nice and plump (the kind you’d find at a steakhouse) and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. The salty tang of the parm and savory truffle combo really send them over the top!

Truffle Fries

They’re also served with a truffle aioli sauce (you know, if there’s not enough truffle ON your fries!) making them even more decadent! Whether you’re an experienced lover of truffley stuff or a total newbie to the truffle game, we think you should definitely try Enchanted Rose’s Truffle Fries!


You’ll find truffle fries on many lounge menus around Disney World property but these…are slammin’. Just trust us on this one! TRUST US. We don’t play with truffles and carbs. 🙂

Nosh or Not?

Check out Enchanted Rose if:

  • You’re staying at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort or need a little peace and quiet away from Magic Kingdom (it’s only a quick monorail ride away).
  • You’re looking for a more “grown up” spot to unwind after a long day
  • You enjoy visiting Disney World resorts’ bars and lounges or someone in your group has a special fondness for Beauty and the Beast!

Skip Enchanted Rose if:

  • You’re searching for something a little more substantial in the food department. Most of Enchanted Rose’s menu is in the liquid-form, especially following the reopening
  • You prefer non-alcoholic refreshments. Even though Enchanted Rose offers a selection of mocktails and specialty coffee drinks, most of their offerings skew boozy!
  • You’re focusing your trip around the theme parks and don’t have any interest visiting any of the Disney World resorts other than the one you’re staying at.


If you’re looking for something a little more on the nose in the way of Beauty and the Beast theming for the whole family, Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom is a safer — albeit pricier — option especially if you’re traveling with kiddos. Be Our Guest is literally the living embodiment of the animated Beauty and the Beast film where guests can dine in the Beast’s grand ballroom and even the previously “off-limits” West Wing, complete with a slashed portrait, glass-domed rose, and frequent appearances by the Beast himself!

But for a more relaxing grown-up experience, we prefer Enchanted Rose. It’s much more peaceful and less crowded. The service is top-notch and sitting in the elegant space with super-attentive Cast Members bringing us our gorgeous food and drinks makes us feel like we’re Disney World royalty. It really just depends on who’s in your traveling crew and what you guys are in the mood for!

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Have you been to Enchanted Rose yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!