A Wig For Your Dog?! Adorably Funny Pet Costumes Have Arrived in Disney World!

It’s official, your pet’s Halloween costume is going to be cuter than yours!


We’ve spotted some adorable Halloween costumes for your pet online, but now we’ve spotted them in Disney World too, and one even comes with a WIG! A WIG FOR A DOG! 2020, we thank you for your ridiculousness.

Ever wonder if your dog is not really a dog, but instead is an alien experiment? Yeah, us too. Let out your mischievous pup’s alien side with this adorable Stitch Dog Costume!

Stitch Pet Costume

Your dog’s head will fit right through Stitch’s mouth on the costume, and there are little spots on the side to let your dog’s ears slide through.

Stitch Pet Costume

There are also self-stick fabric fasteners to keep the costume in place.

Stitch Pet Costume

Just think of the pictures! You could even do a couples costume and dress up as one of the other characters from Lilo & StitchThe possibilities are as endless as the number of alien experiment cousins Stitch has (he is number 626 after all).

Stitch Pet Costume

We found this costume in the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom for $25, but you can also grab one of these costumes online from shopDisney for $29.99.

Click here to check out this costume on shopDisney and let your pup’s inner alien shine!

Got a dog with some sass? Then this Tinker Belle Dog Costume is a PERFECT fit! Plus, IT HAS A WIG!

Tinker Belle Pet Costume

The wig even has an adorable green bow on it to match Tink’s outfit!

Tinker Bell Pet Costume Wig

Before you know it, your dog will be spreading pixie dust and flying off on all kinds of adventures.

Tinker Belle Pet Costume

Just look at those little wings!!

Tinker Belle Pet Costume

This costume was also available in the Emporium in Magic Kingdom for $25. We also found it online previously for $29.99 on shopDisney.

Click here to fly away with this Tinker Bell Costume for your pet!

Both of these costumes come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to measure your pet to get the one that will best fit them.

Pet Costume Sizing Guide

We can dress up our pets every day, not just on Halloween right? Because we’re totally buying all of these and just having a pet fashion show. We’ll keep an eye out for more fun Disney pet merchandise as it arrives in the parks or online, and let you know what we find!

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What will your pet be dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!