400 Experts Reveal Their Expectations for Disney World’s 5th Park

After Universal Orlando made a TON of announcements and gave new details about its upcoming Epic Universe park, the third park at the resort, many believe that Disney World needs to step it up and add a new park.

Disney World entrance sign

Some analysts believe Disney will announce a fifth park soon (although it hasn’t happened yet, even after Disney’s Q1 2024 earnings call), but what exactly should that park be? What should its theme be? We decided to go to the Disney experts, aka YOU, our DFB Readers to see what you thought. Let’s just say, you have some strong opinions about the matter!

Something with more thrill rides

Some of you aren’t concerned with a specific theme but think that Disney World needs a park with more thrill rides to compete with Universal. Michael wrote, “A theme park that gives Universal some competition. Thrilling rides, bigger and better coasters.”

What? Mission: SPACE isn’t thrilling enough?

Robert commented, “Disney Worlds Fair….Go back to Disney’s Roots. Fair rides, roller coasters, thrill rides. Something more exiting. Of course all themed as only Disney can do it. Put hotels in or right on the perimeter of the park so guests can just walk right in.”

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

We do agree that a new theme park should also mean some new hotels!

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Something like Tokyo DisneySea

Many of you like the concept of Tokyo DisneySea with its themed ports (not to mention its upcoming Fantasy Springs). This gives the park a chance to bring in a variety of themed lands, which could work well for Disney World.


Brittany can visualize it: “An aquatic Tokyo DisneySea type park with lots of steampunk and Atlantis, Little Mermaid, just a beautiful park modern / interesting park. With lots of waterfalls. I can picture it in my head.”

Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer took that idea even further: “If Tokyo Land Company can take the best of MK and DL. We should take the best of what the Asian parks have. Base it on Tokyo DisneySea and then add, Mystic Manor, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Arendelle and Zootopia.”

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Villains Park

Okay, the OVERWHELMING response is that our readers REALLY want to see a Villains Park. Now there have been discussion  for YEARS about such a park called Dark Kingdom based on a lot of speculation about unrelated Disney Parks projects, rumors, and people who insist Disney needs to make a Villains-themed park happen. So it seems like this concept remains VERY popular with Disney fans.

Hades at Oogie Boogie Bash in Disneyland

Kim said, “I like the idea of a Villains Park. There is a lot of cool theming you could do.”

Lisa greed, “Villains! They need some love!” (Yes, Villains need love, too.)

Meanwhile, Tina had some SERIOUS ideas, “Villains with Maleficent’s castle being the anchor of the park. And like others are saying, geared toward older kids. Have more thrill rides, with a smaller kids section like US- IOA. There are so many awesome Disney villains to build attractions, shows, and dining experiences around.”

Fire-breathing Maleficent

Mary also had some great ideas, “Villains with coasters aimed for the more mature crowd. Give Universal Studios and Sea World a run for their money with some great Coasters. The Teens will LOVE this. And maybe add some type of small city Walk adjacent to it, that has bars with bands and DJs for dancing—- like the old Pleasure Island. It would do awesome!!”

Captain Hook

So yes, a lot of you want to see a Villains Park happen. We wouldn’t be mad about it — how much fun would that be?!?!? Hey, Disney, are you paying attention?

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So as you can see, our readers have some pretty great ideas when it comes to Disney World’s fifth park. Now, as we said, Disney has not confirmed a fifth park, although there are still plans for a Magic Kingdom expansion, as well as a DinoLand re-theme in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As for the fifth gate, though, we’re all just still holding our breath and waiting for that announcement.

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What do you think? What should Disney World’s fifth park be? Let us know in the comments!

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