NEWS: A Warning Has Been Issued to Travelers Visiting the Bahamas

Disney Cruise Line offers a wide variety of adventures that take you outside the park and into a beautiful destination.


The list of destinations is long but includes places like the Caribbean, Europe, the Norwegian Fjords, Bermuda, and so many more. Each location offers something special for you and your family. A very popular vacation destination, aboard a Disney cruise ship or otherwise, is the Bahamas! It’s a trip to soak up the sun, relax the day away, and have a safe vacation.

Disney’s cruises are some of the safest around! Safety is paramount to everything Disney does, inside the parks and anywhere else they invite you to explore. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be diligent with your own safety. We encourage you to follow the rules and pay attention to others around you.


According to The Hill, The State Department has issued a warning to travelers heading to the Bahamas over the high crime rates. The U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas issued a security alert on Wednesday after an increase in violent crime began occurring in the Nassau area. Unfortunately, the crime has been seen in both tourist and non-tourist areas. 


Disney cruises sale to both a private island, Castaway Cay, and to Nassau, the country’s capital. The increase in violent crime does not mean that this area is now unsafe to go to, it simply suggests that you be vigilant during your stay. Disney takes safety seriously, and you should not be deterred from going on your fun Disney cruise! If you choose to leave the Disney area, just be sure you’re taking good safety measures around the area.

Disney’s Nassau Port

During your cruise to Nassau, you can hop off the ship at the port to enjoy several fun experiences. It is a section for cruise guests with security. Your cruise shouldn’t be affected by this warning, but we want you to be informed about all the latest information that could pop up as you get ready to hit the seas!

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