FULL TOUR of the NEW Rooms at Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel

It’s always exciting when a Disney hotel gets re-themed.

Pixar Place Hotel

Our jaws literally DROPPED when we saw the HUGE transformation of the Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris. Well, another hotel a little closer to home also just recently got a completely new look, and it’s ADORABLE. We’re talking about the former Paradise Pier Hotel in Disneyland, which is now the Pixar Place Hotel. So let’s take a tour of the brand-new rooms there!

So if you hadn’t guessed, the Pixar Place Hotel is now all Pixar-themed. You’ll see TONS of Pixar references, artwork, and decor the minute you step into the lobby. This is a serious glow-up for this hotel.

Pixar details everywhere

There’s also brand NEW dining at the hotel, including  a flagship restaurant on the first floor or Pixar Place Hotel, Great Maple, a Southern California Favorite.

Great Maple

There’s also Sketch Pad Cafe, a grab-and-go coffee and quick breakfast spot.

Sketch Pad Cafe

Want to grab something while you’re swimming? The rooftop pool bar, Small Bytes, has you covered.

Small Bytes

Even the pool area got a massive upgrade!

The pool!

But we’re here to show you the new Pixar-themed rooms at Pixar Place Hotel! So join us for a room tour of the standard rooms in this hotel.

As we stepped into the entry way, we were met by a small coffee nook complete with an ice chest. Did you notice the Pixar ball coasters?

Coffee nook

On the opposite side, you’re greeted by the bathroom.


There are a lot of clean, white lines and interesting shapes in this room around the single sink and lit mirror…

Sink and mirror

… with open shelving underneath to stow away your personal items.

Shelving under the sink

Right across from the sink, you’ll find the shower…


… which also features a detachable shower head, and the toilet is between the sink and shower.

That’s the bathroom!

Coming out of the bathroom, you’re greeted by two raised beds (with all the Disney/Pixar touches!)


Everything from the character mural above the headboard…

Disney/Pixar mural

… to the decorative (Pixar ball) pillow…

Pixar ball pillow

… to the hidden details in the linens really bring this room together!

Spot the ball?

As you head outside the sliding door, there’s a small table and chairs out on the balcony.

Balcony views

The sofa folds down to reveal a single sleeper bed, and just above it you’ll find some of the most recognizable Disney/Pixar characters in the framed artwork.

Framed artwork

If we glance back at the bed, you’ll see the raised platforms that allow for extra storage to tuck away your luggage.

Raised beds

And, to round out our tour you’ll find the T.V. mounted on the opposite wall facing the beds…


… with a few drawers underneath it, a coffee table book all about The Art of Pixar. The room even has its own Luxo Jr. lamp!

Drawers and lamp

The Pixar Place Hotel is open now, so room reservations are open!

Stay tuned to DFB for more.

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