REVIEW: Um, Did a CHILD Come Up With This New Candy-Covered Magic Kingdom Treat?

We’re no strangers to unique treats in Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

We make it our mission to try TONS of new snacks in Disney World, even if they seem a little strange. Over time, we’ve found tons of options that we love and, of course, some that we don’t recommend. We recently headed over to Magic Kingdom to try one of the most…interestingSkittles treats we’ve ever seen, and we’ll let you decide if it’s worth the cost.

Over at the Main Street Confectionery, you can grab the Mickey Cereal Treat with Freeze Dried SKITTLES. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a Crisped Rice Cereal Treat dipped in a White Chocolatey Coating and topped with Freeze Dried Skittles candies for $6.49. Admittedly, this sounds like something a kid would create, but we’re not here to judge based on looks. 

Mickey Cereal Treat with Freeze-Dried SKITTLES

The Mickey cereal treat and chocolate is very sweet and sugary; it’s a Disney classic, and you probably can imagine how it tastes. Our treat was very dense and had a good crispiness to each bite, and the freeze-dried Skittles were a lot of fun for a cute novelty treat! They remind us of those prepackaged astronaut snacks with their dry texture, but the Skittles managed to retain their flavor very well.

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However, we can’t say that these flavors go together well. Individually, they’re great, but together, the strong fruity flavor of Skittles and the prominent flavor of white chocolate fight each other for dominance. If eating a giant chocolate-covered Skittle doesn’t sound appealing, we recommend staying far away. This is an odd one, for sure.



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