Disney Executive Comments on ‘Coco’ Land Coming to Theme Parks

Disney has talked about a HUGE Magic Kingdom expansion a few times now, with possible lands themed to CocoEncanto, and/or Disney villains.

Cinderella Castle

Now, one Disney executive has commented again on the possibility of these big ideas becoming a reality!

Disney announced recently that it plans to invest roughly $60 billion in its Parks, Experiences, and Products division over the next ten years. That’s almost DOUBLE what they spent in the last decade, even with huge projects like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land, Pandora: The World of Avatar, Avengers Campus, and more. So if they’re doubling the budget, it seems like we can expect to see some seriously huge changes!

Galaxy’s Edge

Disney plans to use this money to expand and enhance domestic and international parks, as well as the Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Wish

Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro met with investors on September 19th to discuss these upcoming changes. In a statement released after the meeting, Disney said that the company “continuously reimagines its theme park offerings to appeal to more guests by incorporating new stories from its popular films and series.”

Mirabel in Disney World

D’Amaro stated that Disney has “a wealth of untapped stories to bring to life across our business,” including Frozen (which he said “could have a presence at Disneyland Resort)The Black Panther, and Coco. Specifically, D’Amaro said, “The world of Coco is just waiting to be explored. There’s a lot of storytelling opportunity.”

Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro

There are more than 1,000 acres of land available for “possible future developments to expand theme park space” according to Disney. This is the equivalent of seven Disneyland Parks.

Disney has already teased a new Coco land in Disney World. It was mentioned as one of the “Blue Sky” projects when Imagineers introduced a huge Magic Kingdom expansion in that park. The expansion will take place “beyond Big Thunder Mountain.” Nothing is confirmed for this project (it’s all just been big ideas and “what ifs” so far), but it seems more and more possible as Disney continues to bring it up.

Concept art of potential Magic Kingdom expansion

Don’t forget that Disney also just announced a NEW Coco-themed restaurant (with CHARACTERS!) coming to the Disney Treasure cruise ship. We can’t wait to see Miguel and his familia on board the new ship!


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