PHOTOS: Damaged Mars Sculpture Blocked Off as Repair Work Begins at Mission: SPACE in EPCOT

After we reported on extensive damage to the exterior Martian display in front of Mission: SPACE a few days ago, a row of planters is now blocking the area. This indicates a renovation of some sort is now in the works.

Red Planet Rescued at Mission: SPACE

mission: space entrance

Mission: SPACE is a centrifugal motion simulator in the World Discovery section of EPCOT, simulating the thrill of space travel through high G-forces that make guests feel as if they’re actually being launched to Mars. It replaced the beloved Horizons attraction twenty years ago.

Originally, only one maximum intensity voyage to Mars was available, until too many guests reported issues with motion sickness due to the centrifuge. As a result, a less intense version of the Mars mission was in place from 2006 until a tamer, more mild orbit around Earth replaced it in 2017.

mission space rehab 5

Various portions of the shiny crimson orb are displaying heavy wear and tear, and the maroon glow characteristic of the display is giving way to bare grayness and warped material underneath. Dirt has also accumulated in the grooves of the sculpture.

mission space rehab 2

Granted, in Florida, all buildings and set pieces at Walt Disney World are occasionally subjected to extreme weather conditions, thunderstorms, high winds, and catastrophic hurricanes. Hurricane Ian devastated southwestern areas of Florida and caused record flooding in the Orlando area. Regardless, maintenance for these structures is equally important, especially since this set piece doubles as the main entrance for the mild Green Team and more intense Orange Team ride experiences. It is the focal point of the attraction that every guest sees.

mission space rehab 7

Seen from behind, much of the Planetary Plaza area, with various models of planets, the moon, and quotes from astronomers and astronauts is partitioned from the public with a tarp fencing.

mission space rehab 8

The area is no longer accessible, and while no activity is discernible yet, it does seem our planetary neighbor will be receiving some much-needed attention from Earth.

Have you ever experienced this attraction? Which intensity do you prefer? Are you nostalgic for Horizons? Let us know in the comments.

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