We Ate A CANDLE in Disney World, And It Was Delish

It’s almost Halloweeeeeen! 🎃

Hi, Mickey!

Okay, there’s still a ways to go, BUT it’s been Halloween in Disney World for over a month now, so it’s safe to say we’re well into spooky season. One of the best parts of this time of year is all of the fun treats Disney releases, and we’ve already had quite a few! But now, it’s time for one more, because we’re taking a bite into a candle cake that might just raise some up witches from the beyond.

This is the Black Flame Candle Cake from Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa!


We’ve seen a similar candle cake before, but that one was black and had some different flavors inside.

Black Flame Candle Cake

It’s a vanilla sponge cake with caramel buttercream and white chocolate ganache for $7.99.

Who lit the black flame candle?

As you can see, it’s made to look like a candle with the black flame on top (which is chocolate!). This is modeled after that famous candle that brought the Sanderson Sisters back to life in Hocus Pocus!


This cake was incredibly moist and the buttercream frosting is very light, which goes nicely with the texture of the cake.

We’re fans

The white chocolate ganache was a great addition as well — it added to the sweetness in just the right way!

Would you try it?

It’s not the wildest cake we’ve ever tried at Disney World, but it was pretty delightful, honestly. We’d get it again for a nice sweet treat, and it could easily be split with a friend.

The Sanderson Sisters would love this…maybe

Plus, just LOOK at the inside! It looks like candy corn, and who doesn’t want that around Halloween?!


If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, maybe try something else. But if you like sweet vanilla cake with a fun design on the inside, then this is for you!

Just like candy corn

But, you might just want to watch your back for those witch sisters!

So festive!

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Halloween at Walt Disney World

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