Find Out How Disney Delivered on the BLOOD in the Blood Orange Shake

Disneyland may have taken a slower approach to the Halloween season than Disney World did, but spooky vibes have finally arrived on the west coast!

Mickey Pumpkin

It’s official — Halloween time has hit Disneyland Resort. There are spooky decorations, events, and tons of treats. And when we say tons, we really mean it — over 50 Halloween treats have arrived at Disneyland for the fall season. And of course, it’s our mission to dig into some of the new treats, so that you know what to try during your own visit. So head over to Schmoozies! with us to try the Blood Orange Shake! (Blood? SpooOOooky!)

Over in Disney California Adventure, you can find various smoothies (obvi), coffee drinks, teas, and refreshers at Schmoozies! And for Halloween time, they have a Blood Orange Shake joining the Minnie Witch Shake, which is returning to the location for the fall season. The Blood Orange Shake comes with a whipped topping and strawberry sauce for $8.99. Let’s take a sip!

Blood Orange Shake

We thought this shake was super creamy and rich! The orange is more of a candy orange flavor and isn’t really a strong citrus flavor. But it’s not too sweet either.

Blood Orange Shake

The whipped cream on top cuts through the sweetness a little bit, and the strawberry sauce is more of a sweet and sour jam mixed in. Dripping down the side and over the whipped cream, that red sauce really delivers on the BLOOD in this Blood Orange Shake! Overall, we thought this was a super refreshing and tasty treat.

So good!

If you’re looking for other Halloween treats to try, check out the full list of seasonal offerings around the resort — we’ll be updating the post with our reviews. Or check out some of the Halloween decorations you can expect to see during the Halloween season!

And we’ll continue to dig into the new Halloween treats, so stay tuned to DFB for the latest.

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