PHOTO REPORT: Disney California Adventure 8/10/22 (Tons of Merch, an Empty Park, a $600 Plush, and More)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to Disney California Adventure to check in on the happenings around the park and we found plenty to show you. So let’s take a spin around the park!

Disney California Adventure

Peter Pan Ears DCA

Another piece of the Peter Pan’s Flight series of Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction has arrived. We found the Loungefly bag last week, and now the matching ears have landed as well.

Hocus Pocus Mug DCA

Following on the heels of the larger Hocus Pocus merchandise collection, this new witch’s cauldron mug is just what we need to brew up some trouble.

PATF Tiana Staionery Set

And we also found a pair of new princess-themed stationery sets featuring Princess Tiana and an amalgam of princesses.

Princess Stationery Set
Rapunzel Designer Doll

Nearby, we also found this new Rapunzel doll from the Designer collection.

Turnung Red hat DCA

In Big Top Toys, the “Turning Red” merchandise is still coming. We found a new fuzzy hat, above, and this super cool two-sided ornament below.

Turning Red Ornament 1

This ornament features Meilin in both her human state and her red panda state.

Turning Red Ornament 2
pirates pins 123439

We also found some new open edition pins from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Character Sweatshirts

These character sweaters are a timeless style, in one of four characters to choose from.

lavender minnie merch 084854 scaled

Adding to the French Lavender Minnie Mouse collection, we found a new dress, a mug and more.

earidescent shimmer Disneyland083323 scaled

These shiny ears and Loungefly bag are the perfect compliment to the EARidescent shimmer collection.

pumpkin mickey necklace 085058 scaled

And as we gear up for the spooky season, this Mickey necklace from Betsey Johnson is a nice accessory to any ghoulish garb.

dooney bourke pinocchio figaro and cleo dl 1 scaled

We found a new collection of Dooney & Bourke bags featuring Figaro and Cleo from “Pinocchio” at Elias and Co…

coach plush 085234 scaled

… and right next to it were these $600 leather plush dolls from Coach.

Hollywood Lounge Refurb 1

Stopping by the refurbishment of Hollywood Lounge, we can see that not much has changed since our last check-in.

Hollywood Lounge Refurb 2
Grizzly peak airplane refurb

The refurbishment of the airplane at Grizzly Peak Airfield is still underway as well.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

And Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is closed as well, with the removal of the Raya meet and greet location underway.

Radiator Springs Racers Low wait vert

The park is surprisingly empty today. At nearly 10 a.m., there was still no posted wait time for Radiator Springs Racers. But when we pulled up the camera to snap a shot of this, of course that is when the sign clicks over to 10 minutes.

Radiator Springs Racers Empty Cars Land Stock

Still, 10 minutes is not a bad wait for two hours after opening. It’s rare to see this pathway so empty, at any time of day.

Radiator Springs Racers Mountian refurb

While we were taking photos of the emptiness, we saw some scaffolding has been set up along the top of the ridge.

Memory Erasers DCA Bing Bongs

It’s a hot day so we stopped in for a cool treat to try something new.

straws and memory refresher 114757 scaled

These edible straws are available to accompany your Memory Refresher drink, so we tried all three.

straws and memory refresher 121016 scaled

We have a full review for you of the Memory Refresher and the straws. You can also watch our video review of them on our YouTube channel, or by clicking on the video below:

Avengers Mug

In the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus, we found a couple of new items. This Avengers mug looks like it was taken straight off of Nick Fury’s desk.

Spider Man ornament

And this Spider-Man ornament celebrates his 60th anniversary with his many costumes showcased in between the strands of his webs.

Amazing Spider Man Stunt Show Stuntronic DCA Avengers Campus stock

As we made our exit, we happened across the old webhead who was out greeting guests and swinging from the buildings.

Spider Man DCA stock

Our final parting shot of the day comes from Avengers Campus, where Spidey makes his super hero landing after a successful altitude test in his new suit.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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