Dinner With a Pirates of the Caribbean View — Come With Us to Blue Bayou in Disneyland

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the food in Disneyland is pretty dang good for a theme park!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

From some of our favorite classic Disney treats to the occasional more creative fare, chances are almost everyone can find something to dig into at the park. We recently revisited an iconic table service restaurant that rarely disappoints — but does it still hold up after all these years? Come indulge with us at Blue Bayou and find out!


Blue Bayou is unlike any other spot in Disneyland. Where else can you sit and watch boats from Pirates of the Caribbean pass by all while dining on delicious Cajun and Creole foods? That’s right — you’re situated on the shore of a New Orleans bayou when you’re inside this popular spot.

Blue Bayou entrance

And boy, does it show! Those swampy vibes are everywhere you look, and the dark interior lighting is meant to make you feel like you’re in the swamp at night.

The Bayou

Guests dine in a courtyard setting at tables with wrought-iron chairs, and hanging paper lanterns dot the “night sky” above.

Plenty of seating

If you want to make sure you get the best views at this restaurant, make sure you request a table by the water at check-in so you can watch the Pirates boats pass by.

Our table

Now that we have a good idea of Blue Bayou’s atmosphere, let’s find out what’s on the menu!


We hope you brought your appetite, because there’s a whole world of Cajun and Creole-inspired dishes on this menu — though some of our reporters think there could be more of a selection here. Some highlights in the Starters category are the Chicken Gumbo and the Heirloom Tomato & Watermelon Salad.


You’ll find plenty of filling entrées here as well, like Chicken Jambalaya, Filet Mignon, and a Monte Cristo Sandwich as well.


And of course, for dessert at Blue Bayou, you can choose between a Layered Chocolate-Coffee Cake and a Vanilla-Bourbon Crème Brûlée.


The kids menu at Blue Bayou isn’t really anything to write home about — to be honest, we think it’s a little…uninspired — but sometimes simple is best with kids! They do get their choice of side as well — either veggies, fruit, rice, or patatas bravas!


Blue Bayou only recently started serving alcohol, and now you’ll find a decent selection of wine…


…a Hurricane Cocktail and two beers, plus quite a few non-alcoholic drinks as well.


Alright — we’ve studied the menu, let’s move on to the main event — the EATS!


We decided to start off with a New Orleans classic — gumbo! The Chicken Gumbo at Blue Bayou is made with Tasso Ham, Andouille Sausage, Peppers, and Tomatoes with Steamed Rice, and you can get a cup for $7. 


This gumbo had so much flavor — we just wish it had a little more of that Cajun kick! The rice was fluffy and absorbed the broth, making it rich and buttery. There was a TON of ham and sausage in our serving, and it was cut up into large chunks so you could really taste the smokiness of each meat.

The Chicken Gumbo would make a great appetizer or even a lighter meal!

Delicious and flavorful

For our lunch, we ordered the classic Monte Cristo and Seasonal Salad — a Battered and Fried Turkey, Ham, and Swiss Sandwich served with a Market Fruit Salad and Seasonal Preserves. We will say, this is a HEAVY dish — so keep that in mind if you still have an entire park day ahead of you.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

How can one go wrong with a fried sandwich? Looks like we’ll never know, because Blue Bayou does it right every time. The batter, berry preserves, and creme Anglaise are the perfect sweet combo, and the turkey and ham bring a saltiness that makes this dish a sweet-and-salty lover’s dream. And that Swiss cheese? It was ooey, gooey, and everything we wanted it to be.

The side salad was a welcome fresh break from the dense, heavy Monte Cristo (not that we’re complaining about it AT ALL!) and the produce was fresh and crisp. It had an almost Italian-ish flavored dressing to it — a nice, tangy contrast to the sweet sandwich.

There’s a reason we love this thing!

We clearly didn’t get enough sweets with our entrée, and just had to order dessert too. When on the Bayou, right?

The Vanilla-Bourbon Crème Brûlée was calling our name, and boy are we glad it did. We loved the macerated berries in this dessert — they were so fresh and sweet at the same time, we just wish there had been more of them.

The crème brûlée itself was perfectly fine but nothing we hadn’t tasted in a million dishes like this before, though we did get a hint of that bourbon. The pecan cookie didn’t really add much here, and sort of seemed like an afterthought. There wasn’t much flavor, and it was hard and dry — though this could have just been the one we were served!

Creme Brulee

If you’re a fan of classic, no-nonsense desserts, this might be the perfect thing for you. If you’re looking for something more adventurous or flavorful — keep looking.

Nosh or Not

Head over to Blue Bayou Restaurant if…

  • You love Cajun and Creole foods.
  • You’re looking for a dining location with seriously incredible ambiance.
  • You want a full, table-service meal and a break from the heat.

Don’t head to Blue Bayou if…

  • You don’t want to commit to a full sit-down meal during your park day.
  • You have kiddos who prefer foods like hot dogs and chicken tenders.
  • You want an outdoor dining experience.


Blue Bayou is a great option to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy park while taking in a great atmosphere and even better food. With dishes like gumbo and the iconic Monte Cristo Sandwich, you’re sure to have a filling meal that’ll fuel you up for the rest of your park day. The views of Pirates boats passing by are nice and relaxing, and a little mid-day break can be just the thing.

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