The Hidden Details Worth Searching For at EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts!

The 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts is HERE!

EPCOT Festival of the Arts 2022

We’ve already shared a look at the FULL booth menus for the Festival, the Disney on Broadway Concert Series lineup, and more. We are experiencing everything the Festival has to offer and sharing all of those details with you. After spending a decent amount of money to enter EPCOT and eat your way around the booths, you might be looking for something fun & FREE to do during your day. And for that we’ve got you covered! There are a number of free things to do at the Festival of the Arts, including a super special scavenger hunt!

There are all kinds of amazing details hidden within each World Showcase country that you can view on any ordinary day in EPCOT, but during the Festival of the Arts, the countries get some extra special hidden pieces of art that you won’t want to miss!

During the Festival Disney hosts something called “Chalk Full of Character.” Essentially, it’s a mini (and FREE) scavenger hunt that you can do around the World Showcase pavilions. In most of the pavilions you’ll find a special chalk drawing of a Disney character (or two or three). 

These colors are everything!

How many drawings will you find? You’ll have to make your way through each of the countries to find out!


If you want to find all of these on your own and not be spoiled as to any of the characters you can find along the way, then bookmark this post and come back to it after you’ve done your search to see if you spotted all of the ones we found!


As we made our way around EPCOT, these are the pieces of chalk art that we found.

In the Mexico pavilion, near the entrance to the pyramid structure we found a very special friend from Coco…

It’s Someone Special!

…it’s Dante! And he’s in his beautifully colorful alebrije form.

Hey There!

In Norway, you’ll want to search the tops of the buildings for some characters from the Frozen Fever short.

Oh Hello There

Yup, it’s those oh-so-adorable snowgies!

So Cute!

In the China pavilion you’ll want to look near one building for a chalk image of Little Brother from Mulan!

So Cute!

You go get that bone, Little Brother!

What a Cutie!

Over at Refreshment Outpost, we spotted some troublemakers having a fight on the top of a building.

Refreshment Outpost

It’s the hyenas from The Lion King and it looks like there’s a bit of a debacle over just who is going to be able to eat that tasty snack!

Oh Boy!

In the Germany pavilion you’ll want to look closely at the buildings. Search for one with a red sign that says “clocks and crafts.” Can you see the character hidden there?

See Him?

It’s Pascal from Tangled! This chameleon sure has done a fantastic job blending in with the environment.

Great Hiding!

We found another Pascal who seems like he’s been taking some painting lessons from Rapunzel…

Pascal painting in Germany!

…and this Pascal stealing a snack!

Pascal up to no good

At the Italy pavilion you’ll find Luca, Alberto…

So Fun!


Not Pleased

…and even a little friend from the sea. They’re all near the outdoor cart/kiosk.

Gotta Look Closely!

We also spotted a very famous bug in Italy, Jiminy Cricket!

Jiminy Cricket poking around in Italy

Here’s a closer look at our favorite conscience.

Always let your conscience be your guide!

In the American Adventure pavilion we found a cute little mouse holding a kite. He’s close to the Kidcot Fun Stop.

See Him?

If you don’t recognize this little guy, this is actually Amos from a short called Ben and Me. According to IMDB, in the short, the mouse tells the story of how he guided Benjamin Franklin to “success and prominence.”

So Neat!

In the Morocco pavilion we spotted Abu from Aladdin.

Look for This Door to Find Abu

Uh oh Abu, are you trying to take those things from the pavilion?


In France, near L’Artisan des Glaces we spotted Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Be Our Guest

He’ll light your way as you go get some DELICIOUS ice cream!

Try They Grey Stuff (Well, Not Here But at Magic Kingdom!)

We also spotted a trio of French kittens by one of the entrances to Les Vins des Chefs de France! None other than Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz from The Aristocats!

The Aristocats in France!

In the United Kingdom pavilion, you can search for Peter Pan’s shadow.

See Peter’s Shadow?

If only we had a sewing kit so we could sew that shadow down!

You Can Fly!

We also found a couple of outlaws in the UK! Robin Hood, Little John, and Skippy were all by Lords and Ladies!

Robin Hood and Little John walking through the UK pavilion!

In Canada we found a SUPER hidden character. Do you see it?

Look Closely!

It’s the little steamed bun from the Bao short! As Pixar notes, the short explores that parent-child relationship through the “lens” of the Chinese immigrant community in Canada so its placement here is totally fitting. It was also directed by Canadian director Domee Shi.

Oh Hello There!

In Canada you can also find Koda from Brother Bear. 

Look for Koda Over Here!

Looks like someone has been doing some fishing!

Got a Fish There?

That’s a look at all of the chalk art drawings we’ve found so far. If we find any more we’ll be sure to update this post. Which chalk art drawings did you find? Tell us in the comments! And stay tuned for ALL of the Festival of the Arts news you need to know about!

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