REVIEW: There Are Lucky Charms On Our Cold Brew at EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts

Ah, Joffrey’s, how we love you so! The popular Disney World coffee spot has many locations throughout the parks and offers up great drinks and delicious giant donuts.

Joffrey’s in EPCOT

With the Festival of the Arts underway at EPCOT, it’s time to check what special drinks Joffrey’s has to offer during the fest. Let’s dive in and see whether or not Joffrey’s can continue its winning streak!

At the World Discovery Joffrey’s location near Mission: Space you can find the Mocha Masterpiece Cold Brew, which is a Cold Brew topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Puffs! This drink is $6.39, but you can also get the drink with alcohol, which is $13.99.

Joffrey’s World Discovery Menu

We got the non-alcoholic version to try and it was pretty good! It was sweet, but not too sickly sweet.

Mocha Masterpiece

There was just a hint of mocha and cream and it’s a super fun drink!

It’s great for people who want a little bit of whimsy with their coffee (thanks to those chocolate puffs!), but don’t want it to be overwhelmingly sweet.

Love those little chocolate puffs!

Over at the Canada Pavilion Joffrey’s, you can get the Colorful Canvas Cold Brew, which is a Cold Brew topped with Whipped Cream and Fruity Cereal for $6.39.

Joffrey’s Canada Menu

This one was really nothing special for us. It’s just cold brew with some whipped cream and cereal on top!

Colorful Canvas Cold Brew

It does look more fun than a regular cold brew, though!


It’s definitely not bad, it’s just nothing that exciting. But, if you want a little more pizzaz added to your regular cold brew, this is a fun option!

That fruity cereal looks familiar…

At the World Showcase Joffery’s near Disney Traders, you’ll be able to try the Cinnamon Swirl Cold Brew, a Cold Brew topped with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon Squares! This drink is available for $6.39.

Joffrey’s World Showcase Menu

This drink had a lot of milk in it, so the coffee wasn’t really strong, which is great if you’re not a huge fan of coffee but still want a fun drink.

Cinnamon Swirl Cold Brew

It was also cool and refreshing, but the drink was very sweet, and the whipped cream on top made it even sweeter if you stirred it in, so you’ll have to have a sweet tooth for this one!

The cereal pieces get soggy right away, so scoop it off the top as soon as you get the drink if you want to eat the cinnamon squares while they’re still crunchy! This is a good drink for those who can only handle a slight coffee taste and really want more of a sweet treat.

Eat those cinnamon squares quickly!

The American Adventure Joffrey’s has the Rainbow Dreams Cold Brew, a Cold Brew topped with Whipped Cream and Colorful Marshmallow Crunch, which is $6.39.

Joffrey’s The American Adventure Menu

This drink was just fine. It mostly tastes like sweet cold brew — we didn’t pick up on any marshmallow flavor, really! And, we are a little sad our drink only had one marshmallow on it☹.

Hello? Where are our marshmallows?

The Rainbow Dreams is definitely way sweeter than the Mocha Masterpiece we tried earlier in this post, so if you want a sweet treat, this is for you!

Rainbow Dreams Cold Brew

Overall, the Mocha Masterpiece was our favorite of the Joffrey’s Drinks that are being offered for the festival! It wasn’t overly sweet and it had a great flavor. Stay tuned to DFB for more reviews from the 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts!

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