Buckle Up for HUGE News About Cruises, Disneyland, Rides, Masks, and Social Distancing

What a week it has been!!

Time for a Cruise? ©Disney

From HUGE Disney Cruise Line news to Disneyland reopening and some big announcements about the Jungle Cruise, we’ve got it all. Wondering what changes could impact your next vacation, what’s going on with Park Passes, and more? Buckle up — we’re about to take you through all the biggest Disney news from this week!

1. HUGE Cruise News

This week was a big one for cruise fans. Yesterday, Disney Cruise Line held a virtual presentation and showed off ALL kinds of incredible things coming to their newest ship, the Disney Wish


We’re talking a new, interactive Marvel-themed dining experience, a Frozen-themed dining experience with some amazing looking special effects, tons of cool stuff in the kids’ clubs, a STAR WARS LOUNGE, a peek at the ship’s staterooms, Disney’s first attraction at sea, and so. much. more!


Basically, if you’ve been missing Disney Cruises, you’re going to miss them even more once you check out all of this news!! The Disney Wish will start sailing in 2022, and booking begins next month!


Wondering when cruising on other Disney Cruise Line ships (or other cruise lines) might start up again this year? We’ve got an update on that too as the CDC has now indicated cruises could resume as early as mid-July in American waters!

Click here to see EVERYTHING announced for the Disney Wish!

2. Disneyland Has Reopened

After being closed for OVER a year, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel AND Disneyland’s theme parks have finally reopened!!

Disneyland is Open Again!!

Earlier this week, we got a preview of the reopening, but today (April 30th) is the official reopening date for the Disneyland theme parks.

During our preview, we got a look at some of the park icons we’ve missed so much, how Disneyland is handling ride lines, the churro situation and how things have changed, a Monte Cristo update NOBODY asked for, and we got to see if anything has changed with Rise of the Resistance.

Ah the Joy of Being Back!

We’ll be continuing to cover more about Disneyland’s reopening throughout the day today, so keep an eye out for more updates from us here at DFB!

Click here to take a FULL ride through Snow White’s Enchanted Wish in Disneyland!

3. The PeopleMover is BAAAACCKKK!

Oh my goodness, we have been waiting to finally be able to say that the “PeopleMover is BACK” for a long time! But now, it is finally true. This past weekend, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover reopened in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom after being closed for over a year for refurbishment.

We’re Back!

On its reopening day it hit a few snags, even having to evacuate Cast Members who were test riding it at one point. BUT eventually, it reopened.

So, the next time you’re in the parks and looking to take a leisurely ride through Space Mountain and all around Tomorrowland, you can hop on the PeopleMover!

Click here to take a ride with us to celebrate the PeopleMover’s reopening!

4. Big Jungle Cruise Updates

The Jungle Cruise attraction at both Disney World and Disneyland is receiving some reimagining at the moment that will give it a cohesive storyline, new characters, and more.

At Disney World, the ride is staying open while these changes are being made, so we’ve been watching as Disney changes parts of the ride. Previously, we saw them remove the Trader Sam animatronic, and recently we saw them remove some props from one scene.

No More Spears and Skulls Here

Perhaps most importantly this week, however, Disney shared some concept art for the NEW Trader Sam scene coming to the ride. Turns out that Trader Sam is in charge of the Lost and Found location (which he’s turned into a gift shop, of course). But, it looks like some animals may have taken over while he was out looking for more goods to add to his store!


We’ll continue to look for more updates on the ride and keep you up to date. If you’re wondering when the Jungle Cruise will reopen at Disneyland, we got an update on that this week as well and you can click here to learn more!

See more about the new Trader Sam scene by clicking here!

5. Important Park Pass News

This week, we also got some important Park Pass news for Disney World. Disney has shared that they will be canceling select Park Pass reservations. Specifically, Park Pass reservations for dates where that same guest does not have a valid theme park admission for the same day will be canceled.

Make Sure You’ve Got Your Tickets and Park Passes All Situated

For example, if you originally had a valid theme park ticket and park pass for the same day, but then modify the dates of your trip and no longer have a ticket linked for the same days as those previous park passes you made, those will be canceled. So, it’s important to keep an eye out for any communication from Disney on that, make sure to link your tickets, and keep all of your tickets and Park Pass reservations updated for your upcoming trips.

Click here to learn more about the park passes Disney will be canceling.

6. Social Distancing, Mask Guidance, and More COVID-19 Updates

This week, we also got a number of updates when it comes to social distancing, masks, vaccine passports, and more.

First, in Orange County, Florida (where part of Disney World is located), the Mayor has provided an update regarding the social distancing and mask guidance there. Effective immediately, social distancing may be reduced in Orange County from 6 feet to 3 feet.

©Orange County, Florida

The Mayor has also provided an outline for when mask requirements may be modified in the county and eventually removed entirely.

Click here to learn more about those updates from Orange County, Florida.

Keep in mind that Disney World has NOT changed its distancing or mask requirements yet. Distancing requirements in Disney World continue to be 6 feet, and masks continue to be required at all times unless specifically permitted to be removed (like when actively eating or drinking while distanced from others and stationary).

We’ll be on the lookout to see if Disney does ultimately change any of its requirements due to this change from Orange County.

Be Sure to Stay Up to Date on Disney’s Mask Policies

Due to the distancing changes announced by Orange County Florida, the Mayor has indicated that theme parks (like Disney World) will be able to increase their capacity.

Social Distancing Reminder

Disney has not yet announced that they have increased capacity. The latest Disney shared was that they were operating at 35% capacity, and that future increases in capacity would largely depend on the situation with the COVID-19 vaccines and how many individuals become vaccinated. But, we’ll be on the lookout for any more updates.

Click here to see more about what the Orange County, Florida Mayor had to say about theme parks increasing capacity.

Recently, the CDC also announced some updates to its mask guidance, particularly when it comes to fully vaccinated individuals.

Remember to continue to wear face masks properly!

The CDC has now relaxed its outdoor mask guidance for individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

Click here to see more about the CDC’s updated mask guidance.

Again, Disney has not yet made any changes to its mask policies, so keep that in mind. Masks continue to be required for all individuals (including those who have been fully vaccinated) at Disney World.

Face Mask

When it comes to vaccine passports,  we also got a bit of an update on that this week. The Florida Governor had already signed an executive order banning vaccine passports in the state, but now the Florida legislature has taken action to make that ban permanent.

Click here to learn more about the bill about vaccine passports that was recently passed by the Florida House of Representatives.

And finally, this week the Florida Governor also extended Florida’s state of emergency. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for any more updates on that.

Health & Safety Information

Wondering what other news was released this week? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Now That’s One Pretty Cake!

New face mask!

It’s shrinking!

We’re here!!!

And that’s our wrap-up of the news from this week! We’ll keep an eye out for more news and keep you up to date on all the latest.

Americans may be able to travel to Europe again soon. Click here to learn more!

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