What’s New at Disney Springs: A Whole Line of “Up” Merchandise, Everglazed Construction Progress, and the Greatest Birthday Sundae EVER!

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at Disney Springs!

Disney Springs

And, we’ve got plenty of merchandise, food, and construction updates to share with you, so let’s dive right on in!

Disney Springs Merchandise Update

World of Disney

Kevin is a wild gal who we can’t help but relate to (our love for chocolate is the same)! While we stop by to get a chocolate treat in Disney Springs, we totally want to put on the new Kevin Shirts!

Kevin Youth T-Shirt

Although you can explore the adventure that is out there alongside the Wilderness Explorers (and look for snacks along the way like Kevin)…

Kevin Youth T-Shirt

…you can also be Wild and Free like our favorite exotic bird!

Kevin T-Shirt

The new shirts feature our best gal looking as fabulous as ever as she struts her stuff…

Kevin T-Shirt

…and squawks at her friends in the Animal Kingdom park!

Kevin T-Shirt

Plus, you can match your Kevin Shirt with the adorable Dug Shirt, since he is everyone’s best pal (and we love him just as much as he loves us)!

Dug T-Shirt

Take a full look at the new Up Shirts here!

If you’re looking for a wild way to stay cozy this fall, you can put on the adorable Kevin Jacket to wear around Disney World. The fuzzy jacket has Kevin’s big eyes…

Kevin Jacket

…and wonderfully colorful feathers, so all eyes can be on your as you make your way around the parks!

Kevin Jacket

Snuggle up in the adorable Kevin Jacket in Disney Springs here!

Although we’ve already seen the sparkly new pair of sequined Minnie Ears, you can match with the Mickey to your Minnie since there’s another set of classic ears. The new Leather Mickey Ears might seem simple and cute…

Classic Mickey Ears

…but there’s a surprise pop of color with Mickey Mouse’s signature in red on the headband!

Classic Mickey Ears

Check out all the details of the Leather Mickey Ears here!

Or, you could leave the Mickey ears behind to put on the Baby Yoda Ear Hat instead! The green hat is basically one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen with Baby Yoda’s big eyes, giant ears, and little smile.

Baby Yoda Hat

Don’t you think it would match perfectly in a picture using the new Baby Yoda PhotoPass spot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?!

Baby Yoda Hat

The sweet Baby Yoda Hat is the CUTEST addition to our Star Wars collection!

The Star Wars merchandise doesn’t stop there, though! While you might look Baby Yoda from the newer Star Wars stories in the latest hat, you can throw things back to the original trilogy in the retro Star Wars outfits we spotted at World of Disney! You can look as fabulous as Leia in the Star Wars Retro Sweater

Star Wars Ringer Sweatshirt

…stay warm on Hoth in the Star Wars RetroWindbreaker

Star Wars Windbreaker Jacket

…(with all our favorite original characters on the back)…

Star Wars Windbreaker Jacket

Take a look at all the details on the new retro Star Wars outfits!

…and even channel some of that Dark Side Energy with the Retro Darth Vader Shirt!

Star Wars Shirt

Throw things back with the Darth Vader Shirt here!

We’ve seen some pretty strange Forky merchandise in Disney World recently, like the hilarious hair brush and Loungefly backpack. And, your kiddos can keep looking as happy to be in Disney World as Forky with the new kids shirt! There’s a cute tee your kiddos can wear on Slinky Dog Dash…

Forky Child’s Shirt

…and you can match them in the Forky Tank Top!

Forky Tank Top

Look as kooky and adorable as Forky in the new shirts here!


Our wardrobe has gone from zero to hero recently with all the Hercules merchandise we spotted over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! While we were in Disney Springs, we also found a new Hercules Tee featuring one of the greatest heroes that Greece has ever known.

Hercules Shirt

The red shirt has different images of Hercules looking like a hunk alongside his best pal Pegasus and lady love Meg for $36.99!

Hercules Shirt

Disney Springs Food Update

Haagen Dazs

Can you believe its been 60 years of Haagen Dazs ice cream?! While we heard all about the anniversary treats that were coming soon, we HAD to have the new Birthday Cake Dazzler Sundae we found at the Haagen Dazs kiosk in Disney Springs!


The birthday treat is mixed up with vanilla cake batter ice cream, chocolate brownie batter frosting swirl, yellow cake pieces, and vanilla sandwich cookies. The top of the sundae has a whole bunch of whipped cream and rainbow birthday sprinkles (and we already want seconds)!

Birthday Cake Dazzler Ice Cream

Read our full review of the Birthday Cake Dazzler Sundae here!


We’re glad to be back home at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, especially since the Shine Bar & Social patio has made its way to the restaurant.

Shine Bar and Social

Although we’ve already seen a snazzy new Shine Bar & Social neon sign pop up in Disney Springs, a mini bar has also made its way onto the patio too! We could see some of the squeeze bottle sippers behind the counter (with moonshine ready to go).

Mini Bar

Check out all the details of the Shine Bar and Social here!

Disney Springs Construction Update


We can’t resist grabbing some coffee and morning treats before our walk through Disney Springs, so Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew is going to be a must-visit spot when the coffee shop opens! While there have been construction barriers around the area before, we were able to see some of the Everglazed signs up finally.

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Since Everglazed will be where the Pop Gallery previously was, the progress on the coffee shop is in full swing. Although we’re not sure when we’ll be able to sip on some sweet cold brew and snack on a chocolate donut from Everglazed, we’ll keep you updated with news about the location’s opening!

Everglazed construction progress!

Look at all the progress made on Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew here!

Well, that’s all for this What’s New at Disney Springs! We’ll catch you next time for more merchandise, food, and construction updates here!

What are you the most excited to pick up in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below!