NEWS: White House Has Declared a Pre-Landfall Emergency in Florida in Anticipation of Hurricane Isaias

Hurricane Isaias continues on its path toward the Florida coast.

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We’re received more updates about this hurricane from the 2:00PM advisory and are sharing them with you so you can stay up to date and be prepared.

As of the 2:00PM advisory, it appears the storm is expected to be a Category 1 Hurricane when it nears the Florida coast. While some areas like Orlando remain on a tropical storm warning, others closer to the coast are on a hurricane warning.

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On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency for various counties in Florida including Orange, Osceola, Broward, and Miami-Dade. Governor DeSantis followed this executive order with a letter to President Donald Trump requesting a declaration of a pre-landfall emergency for certain counties in Florida.

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According to FOX 35, the White House has since approved that request and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has offered federal disaster assistance to Florida in advance of the hurricane’s landfall.

As of the latest updates, Hurricane Isaias is expected to bring up to 6 inches of rain in parts of southern and eastern Central Florida. Areas of Florida to the southeast are expect to see the worst of the weather from Saturday evening into Sunday morning, whereas areas of Florida that are further north could see hurricane conditions developing on Sunday.

Governor DeSantis has urged Floridians to have seven days worth of supplies prepared. Heavy rainfall and strong winds may bring flooding to parts of Florida, so residents are advised to take appropriate precautions.

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