The 10 Coolest Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Things You Can Get at Target RIGHT NOW!

If you’re ready to live our your very own Star Wars adventure, then Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the place to be!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

But, if you won’t be able to make the intergalactic trip to Batuu anytime soon, there’s an awesome way to bring the excitement of the land into your home by going to Target.

Earlier this year, it was announced that a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge collection would be coming to Target. Now, the collection is finally here!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost at Target | ©Target

Today we’re taking you through our 10 favorite items.

1 — The App

Before you even fill up your cart will all the cool merchandise, you should definitely check out the Target app. It’s got a whole area dedicated to Galaxy’s Edge with videos featuring Disney Imagineers talking about how they designed the land and its attractions.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost at Target | ©Target

There’s also a spot where you can download printable activities like an Aurebesh decoder, coloring sheets…

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost at Target | ©Target

…and even recipes from the land!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Outpost at Target | ©Target

Be sure to check out all of the cool stuff on there!

2 — A BB Unit

Looking for a new friend? This cool Hyperdrive BB Unit features a Galaxy’s Edge-inspired design and it lights up and can talk to you with its fun sound effects. He’s ready to roll off on all kinds of adventures with you.


You can grab one of these for $99.99.

Click here to take home your own BB unit!

3 — Lightsabers

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own lightsaber, now you can with the new lightsaber workshop sets at Target. These come in a variety of designs including Peace and Justice for $29.99


Power and Control for $39.99


…and Protection and Defense for $29.99.


You can mix and match Lightsaber pieces with the Lightsaber Workshop sets to create a Lightsaber that is truly customized for you. While they’re certainly not as fancy (or expensive) as the ones from Savi’s Workshop, they’re still really neat!

Click here to check these out!

4 — Funko Pop! Figures

Funko Pop! collectors will love this CB-6B Funko Pop! The CB-6B unit worked with Poe Dameron while BB-8 working on a separate mission.


This item is a Target-exclusive and pretty limited in terms of stock, so be sure if a store near you still has one available! You can grab it for $8.99.

Click here to check out this Funko Pop!

You can also get an M5-R3 Funko Pop! at Target to help you out on all of your missions.


He’s available for $8.99.

Click here to add him to your collection!

5 — Millennium Falcon Vintage Toy

If you’re a fan of the vintage Star Wars toys, then you’ll love this Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run toy set with vintage-inspired packaging. The set comes with The Millennium Falcon, 2 action figures, and 6 Porg figures!


You’re going to need quite a few galactic credits to get this toy though. It’s available at Target for $399.99.

Click here to fly away with this Millennium Falcon set!

6 — Fabric Customizable Droids

If you’re looking to build a comfier, fabric droid, you’ll love this Build-A-Droid BB-8 toy. It’s customizable and oh-so-cute!


You can take home this BB-8 toy for $14.99.

Click here to grab one of these!

D-0 is also ready to head out with you on your next galactic adventure in this cute Build-A-Droid set.


You can customize him too, which is great! Take this set home for $14.99.

Click here to check it out!

7 — LEGO Set

Get ready to build! This 932-piece LEGO Star Wars Resistance I-TS Transport Building Kit is sure to take you on some exciting missions (and may be quite the mission just to complete). The set includes the set includes 4 Star Wars characters: Lieutenant Bek and Vi Moradi, plus Astromech Droid and GNK Power Droid LEGO figures.


You can get this from Target for $99.99.

Click here to build up your LEGO forces to fight with the Resistance!

8 — Baby Yoda!

Ready for MORE Baby Yoda merchandise? Of course you are! Check out this adorable Girls’ Baby Yoda Chenille Sweatshirt. It looks so soft and cozy, and Baby Yoda looks as adorable as ever!


You can grab one of these at Target for $22.99.

Click here to add this to your Baby Yoda collection!

9 — Mugs

Mug collectors: rejoice! There are quite a few adorable Star Wars mugs now available at Target including this Jabba the Hut mug for $9.99 (who knew he could look so cute?!)…


…and this R2-D2 mug for $9.99.


Start your way the Star Wars way with these fun ceramic sculpted mugs.

Click here to check out the Jabba mug, and here to take home the R2-D2 mug!

10 — DJ R-3X!

If you’re looking to throw a good party then you’ll need the services of DJ R-3X! This DJ R-3X Toy Figure can help you jam out to the latest hits from around the galaxy.


He’s really limited in terms of supply, so be sure to check the Target website to see if he’s available at a store near you. You can get him for $24.99.

Click here to check him out!

DJ R-3X is part of “The Black Series” toy figures set. Target has a whole bunch of other ones also available as part of this series. There’s also so much more Galaxy’s Edge and general Star Wars merchandise available at Target. From cookbooks to origami sets, be sure to check out all of the new items! And if you’re looking to bring more of the magic home, take a virtual ride through of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!

Click here to check out more awesome Star Wars merchandise!

What item from this list is a must-buy for you! Let us know in the comments!