I Wore Hokas All Day in Disney World. Here’s Why I’m Never Going Back to My Old Tennis Shoes.

There’s a lot that goes into planning your Disney World trip, and some of it isn’t exactly what you’d expect.

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Sure, you have to decide where you’d like to stay, how many days of park tickets you need, if you want to get the Disney Dining Plan, among other park-specific decisions, but there’s one question you NEED to plan ahead for or you’ll regret it. And that’s what SHOES you’re going to wear all day, every day in the parks that won’t make your feet hate you. One of our team members recently wore Hokas all day in Disney World and now swears she’s never going back — here’s why.

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Hokas have grown to be a very popular brand of sneaker in recent years, and they’re certainly not cheap, ranging between $150-$230. So what justifies SUCH a high price tag? What’s so special about these shoes?

Why Are These Hokas $200+?


According to the description of the HOKA ONE ONE Womens Clifton 9 Textile Nimbus Cloud Ice Water Trainers, the breathable texture and material allows for seamless synthetic overlays and abrasion free wear. There’s also a removable, foam padded insole that can be used to provide more support for those who have arches in their foot, or it can be taken out for those who are more flat footed. This right here adds value to the shoe, as many people need to buy insoles separately to make their shoes as comfortable as they need to be.


The shoes also have a EVA foam midsole that absorbs the impact of your steps, and has a 4mm rubber lugs on the outside to grip the ground better. HOKA shoes also use their technologies called the Active Foot Frame™, which raises and lowers the midsole walls to cradle your foot, and MetaRocker™, which allows for smoother transitions underfoot, either propelling you off the ground or keeping you more grounded.

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Hokas are for everyone!


The thing is, not one size fits all. There are Hoka shoes for everyone, as seen by the Hoka One One Men’s Running Shoes, but it goes beyond that. Everyone’s foot shape is different, and one size/type doesn’t fit all here. 


The thing is, while all Hoka shoes have the same technology used, they’re designed for different feet in mind, that way if you don’t have the “traditional market shape” of foot, you can still get these fantastic quality shoes in a size and design that will work best for you. That’s why it’s best to go to an athletic store and get properly fitted for shoes if you’re going to be walking around Disney World all day, or on your feet at a job, running, etc. often. And that’s for all shoes, not just Hokas!

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BUT If Hokas AREN’T For You…


Now, this also means that you could get fitted and it could turn out that NONE of the Hoka brand shoes are a good fit for you. That’s okay! There are plenty of other brands we love too, like the On Women’s Cloud 5 Sneakers. Again, we recommend getting fitted first so you don’t spend tons of money on shoes that won’t actually fit well with your foot, but we have heard such fantastic reviews about Cloud 5 sneakers too.

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If You’re Ballin’ on a Budget


Some of these shoe brands though are just wildly out of your price range, or maybe you won’t use these shoes THAT much. In that case, getting fitted is still a great idea, but you may also be able to get away with just physically going to a store and trying on what shoes feel comfortable to you. We’ve also heard wonderful things about the adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure, especially for those who dislike tying their shoes or have trouble with it.

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Whatever shoes are right for you, we’re here to encourage you to take TIME to find what’s right before purchasing them. Whether that’s by getting fitted by professionals, trying on tons of pairs in the store until you find what you like, or by purchasing from Amazon’s free trial and then only keeping them if you really enjoy them, don’t just go out there and buy the first pair of shoes you see and think they’ll be great for your Disney World trip. We’ve been there and can strongly say that it’s the WORST.

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