You Only Have ONE MORE WEEK to Ride This Disney World Attraction Before It Closes!

EPCOT’s transformation is almost complete, or so we thought.


EPCOT has been receiving a MASSIVE overhaul over the last few years. While we have seen projects like the Mary Poppins ride and the Play Pavilion quietly go away, a lot of EPCOT’s transformation projects came to life! In December the World Celebration Gardens opened! Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana has been entertaining us and teaching us about the water cycle for months now! Plus we even got a new store and restaurant with the Creations Shop and Connections Eatery. And how could we forget about Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure?

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Well, we thought that EPCOT’S overhaul would be complete when CommuniCore Hall and Plaza open on June 10th. But it turns out EPCOT will be wall-less for about a week. 

CommuniCore Hall will open June 10th

This is your friendly reminder that Test Track will close next week on June 17th! Why? Well because it is being reimagined! That is right Test Track will get a third iteration of the attraction!

Test Track

The ride will still be sponsored by Chevrolet. General Motors, who is the parent company of Chevrolet, has been a long-time sponsor of this pavilion since the attraction was World of Motion. It was announced that both Disney Imagineers and teams from Chevrolet will be working together to reach back into history.

Test Track

The reimagining will take inspiration from the original attraction that came before Test Track, World of Motion. As we said, World of Motion was sponsored by GM and was an opening day attraction at EPCOT. This attraction took you on a “time travel journey through the history of transportation.” The ride system was a little different than Test Track’s current system as World of Motion was an Omnimover system, like Haunted Mansion.


We can’t wait to see what the Imagineers and the teams at Chevrolet come up with as this will be the third version of Test Track. We can’t lie, we do miss the OG version of Test Track! We love you Test Track Crash Dummies!

Test Track

So if you want to say a proper goodbye to Test Track 2.0, make sure to visit EPCOT before the attraction closes on June 17th! We will make sure to keep you updated as more information about this new update comes out!

Disney Fans’ Expectations for the New Test Track!

Will you be going to EPCOT to ride Test Track before it closes? Let us know in the comments!

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