Country Bear Musical Jamboree Opening Date Announced & More: Daily Recap (6/10/24)

An opening date announced for Country Bear Musical Jamboree, Josh D’Amaro teases more Walt Disney World announcements, and new concept art released for “The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure” — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Monday, June 10, 2024.

Daily Recap for January 1, 2024

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Two "Sun Bonnets" Country Bears in new pink and white costumes. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24


Aerial view of a park labeled "World Celebration," showing various paths, gardens, water features, and large buildings. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A colorful animated projection featuring characters in a fantasy setting is displayed on a large screen in a darkened room, reminiscent of the enchanting shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Two costumed characters, one resembling a mandrill with white fur and blue face paint, and the other an orange meerkat, pose outdoors on a pathway, surrounded by greenery. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

New Merchandise

Merchandise display featuring a "Princess and the Frog" themed drink cup, blue shirt with "It's a Joyful Celebration" text, frog-inspired toys, Tiana's Bayou Adventure mouse ears, and a Tiana ornament. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

Other Walt Disney World News

A man is speaking on a stage with a large screen behind him showing images of animated characters from various movies, seamlessly transitioning like an Auto Draft feature. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

Disneyland Resort

A medal with cartoon characters is displayed in front of a castle backdrop. The medal reads "Disneyland Halloween Half Marathon 2024. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

Hong Kong Disneyland

Promotional poster for "The Making of World of Frozen," highlighting a night scene at Disneyland with illuminated buildings, a mountainous backdrop, and a roller coaster. Release date: June 7 on Disney+. WDWNT Daily Recap 6-10-24

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