PHOTOS: Restrooms Get Repainted, Loses KidZone Theming at Universal Studios Florida

There are a lot of changes happening around Universal Studios Florida to prepare for the opening of DreamWorks Land. Among the major changes to the area, a few minor updates have happened lately, including the restrooms getting repainted.

KidZone Restrooms Painted

exterior shot of the restrooms. the building is all gray with a simple "restrooms" sign in aqua.

The restroom located between the exit of the E.T. Adventure and SpongeBob StorePants has been repainted. The building is now a solid, light gray color from top to bottom. The restrooms sign looks the same and is an aqua color. Before painting, the restrooms were painted tan with bright stars and starburst designs all over.

tan building with red at the bottom and bright red, yellow, white, and green star designs all around the walls

The photo above shows what the KidZone restrooms looked like up until now. The bold red, yellow, white, and green designs stood out against the tan building. Now that Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone is permanently closed and has been replaced by DreamWorks Land, it’s no surprise these restrooms have gotten an updated look.

wide shot of kidzone bathrooms with original star patterns and pathway to E.T. Adventure with construction walls.

A new sign has been added for the E.T. Adventure, but the photo above shows the area before the new signage began being installed.

gray building on the right and wooden sign on the left

You can see just how close the new signage is to the restrooms in the photo above.

a lamp post on the left

Over the tops of the construction walls, new light posts can be seen throughout DreamWorks Land. One of these same light posts has been installed outside of the construction walls now, too. In the photo above, you can see the new light on the left and the DreamWorks Land sign in the background.

A wide angle shot from the ground-up of a newly installed green lamppost.

The new lights have green posts and several different lights at the top. This area is really starting to look different from KidZone. The light in the photo above is where the old KidZone sign used to be.

An angled photo of the "restrooms" sign.

DreamWorks Land is having Team Member previews starting this weekend and Passholder previews have been announced, so be sure to stay tuned for full coverage of this new land.

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