FIRST LOOK Inside DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Orlando Resort and USA Today shared a first look inside DreamWorks Land, which opens next month at Universal Studios Florida.

DreamWorks Land

A person wearing a blue construction helmet and a blue safety vest stands on a construction site with green structures and trees in the background.

The video is hosted by Universal Creative Director Dean. One of the venues he shows off is Shrek’s Swamp Meet, where guests will meet Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Donkey outside of his cottage.

A vibrant woodland scene with a small house built into a hill, surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery. Soft sunlight filters through the trees, casting shadows on the ground.

This backdrop of Shrek’s cottage appears to be inside the former DreamWorks Destination and “A Day in the Park With Barney” theater.

A line of colorful frog statues faces a larger frog statue adorned with a crown and scepter, surrounded by greenery and a rocky foreground.

There will also be a playground — Shrek’s Swamp. These frog figures seem to be located in the playground.

A construction worker in a blue safety vest and hard hat stands near a wooden structure with a figure in a hat peering out from the top. Various signs are visible, including “Ring” and “Hat Shack.”.

One of the playground’s interactive elements is Pinocchio’s Fact Shack. Pinocchio the puppet is in a small shack elevated off the ground.

A wooden puppet in a yellow hat peeks out of a window in a rustic treehouse with a wooden roof and ropes. The treehouse is elevated and part of a larger wooden structure.

Guests can ring a wooden doorbell on the ground and Pinocchio will tell them a fact.

A construction worker wearing a hard hat and blue safety vest stands beside a wooden structure, holding onto a rope and pressing a button. Multiple directional signs are visible in the background.

The accuracy of the facts varies.

Man wearing a blue safety vest and helmet stands in front of a rustic wooden structure with a circular opening.

Shrek’s outhouse is the entrance to a green slide with a “Surprise.”

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A green playground tube slide with a wooden sign at the top that reads, "STAY CLEAR OF SLIDE BEFORE ENTERING." Trees and blurred structures are visible in the background.
Two colorful troll characters with vibrant hair, one red and one blue, are standing on a vibrant, flower-themed structure surrounded by a decorative fence and trees.

A “Trolls” statue features Poppy and Branch. This appears to be in the courtyard outside the theater.

Two colorful troll dolls with exaggerated hair and wide smiles stand joyfully atop a pink surface in an outdoor setting with trees and structures in the background.
A yellow food truck sign reads "Trolls Treats" against a background of trees and a cloudy sky.

Trolls Treats is a snack kiosk.

A man wearing a blue construction vest and hard hat stands in front of a large, yellow, boombox-themed building at a construction site.

It resembles a giant yellow boombox.

A person wearing a hard hat and reflective vest stands in front of a theme park ride under construction, with plants and a path visible in the foreground.

Guests will board the caterpillar Caterbus on the Trolls Trollercoaster and travel with Poppy, Tiny, and the twins Satin and Chenille in an attempt to escape spooky spiders.

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A large mechanical spider-like creature with a purple head and green legs sits atop an oversized orange pumpkin, part of an amusement park ride with green and yellow support structures in the background.
A construction worker wearing a blue hard hat and safety vest stands outdoors near a large gong, surrounded by construction materials.

Dean also shared a brief look at a large gong inside Panda Village, where guests will interact with Po from “Kung Fu Panda” in “Po Live!”

A person wearing a blue hard hat, a blue safety vest, and a name badge stands in front of a colorful outdoor mural with clouds. The individual appears to be speaking or gesturing with both hands.

There’s a giant mural featuring clouds formed into the shapes of different DreamWorks characters.

A mural depicts cloud formations resembling two cheerful animated characters, one a donkey and the other a green ogre, against a blue sky with scattered clouds.

DreamWorks Land opens on June 14, 2024.

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