“Everything Else Is Ruined”: Why I Will Only Stay at a Non-Disney World Hotel from Now On

Have you ever gone on vacation only to have your entire world flipped upside down?

©Evermore Orlando Resort

We recently stayed at Evermore Resort, a massive new 1 BILLION dollar luxury resort near Disney World in Orlando and it’s safe to say it BLEW OUR MINDS! We were so impressed that it had us wondering — can we ever stay on-property at Disney World again?

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Evermore Resort features 5-bedroom locations to 11-bedroom vacation rental homes. Each home includes a heated saltwater pool, a kitchen, and full access to Evermore’s amenities — including 2/3 miles of beachfront, a bay filled with 17 million gallons of water, and so much more.

Gorgeous, full of fun amenities and surprising features, Evermore won us over EASILY. Let’s dive into what makes this resort so special!

© Evermore Orlando

Let’s start with our MANY pros of staying at Evermore.

We stayed at the Conrad Orlando — the main hotel on the Evermore property. We’re not kidding when we say it changed our lives. This place is UNREAL.

One major standout is the immaculate service. From the moment we arrived at check-in, we don’t think we touched a single door handle. The valet was amazing — opening the doors for us and greeting us with warm welcomes. They even gave us kind “welcome back” greetings once they recognized us as hotel guests.

We didn’t even carry our own luggage up to the room! The staff was so on it that there was even someone responsible for bringing ice to our rooms if we needed it! Talk about luxurious treatment.

© Conrad Orlando

Sticking with service, the staff was extremely nice and willing to help, even when we weren’t in our hotel room. Staff members assisted us in carrying beach and pool equipment and even set everything up on the chairs we had chosen. We truly felt like celebrities during our stay!

Our favorite service feature was the turndown service. Housekeeping did the usual turn-down service during the day, but they would also come back during the evening to prepare your room for bedtime. 

We’re not kidding — this was amazing. The lights were set to “relax” mode, the bed had the comforter pulled down slightly, making it easy to get into, water was put on our bedside tables, a little stepping towel was placed on the side of the bed to keep your feet warm, the T.V. was playing soft, relaxing music, the C.O. robe was hanging in the restroom, and we had ACTUAL GOURMET CHOCOLATES on our pillows.


Evermore Orlando Resort

Don’t even get us started on the VIEWS…

When you walk through the Conrad Orlando’s main doors you’re met with an incredible view of the Evermore Resort Lagoon. It was akin to teleporting to the Bahamas.

Our hotel room balcony also gave us great views of the lagoon as well as prime viewing of BOTH EPCOT fireworks and Happily Ever After in Magic Kingdom! The visuals were insanely clear, even though we weren’t staying in Disney World.

Happily Ever After

Speaking of the room, we stayed in the 2-queen bed Lagoon View room, and it’s safe to say it took our breath away.

The room featured a welcome note, two bottles of water, and a gift Conrad Orlando water bottle waiting for us. As we previously mentioned, the room comes equipped with different lighting such as “day” or “relax” settings, and everything in the room is so fancy that we unpacked our clothes and hung things up in the closet and dresser. We not only felt at home — we felt we were being taken care of.

© Conrad Orlando

When it comes to resort activities, there was so much to do!

We spent our rest days by the pool, listening to live music and trying free-drink refresher samples. Each room is given a one-hour kayak and paddleboard rental each day (which is included in the daily resort fee). There’s also the private beach for Conrad Orlando guests, which blows the private beaches at Disney World hotels out of the water.

There are also PLENTY of activities for the kids at the resort if adults are seeking time away. The Kids Club has you covered on that front, although you need to reserve a spot ahead of time.

We were able to walk the entire Evermore property even though we were staying at Conrad Orlando and got to see the rental houses and flats.

Evermore Lagoon

As far as food goes, there are restaurants and a food court on property. You can order things directly to your room or to your poolside area.


Alright, so enough gushing over the resort. What are the cons?

Well…there aren’t many.

The big one is the small costs that add up. Valet is the only option for parking at the Conrad Orlando, and it’ll cost you $50 a day. You also can’t jet off anywhere — it took time to leave. An important note: if you don’t want to bring your car but want to be able to get to Disney World, there is a shuttle service that will take you to the parks.

Evermore transportation

Another downside is the service. I know, I know, we just spent a ton of time complimenting the service. However, we have to point out that the service is so frequent and consistent that it’s hard not to feel inclined to tip them at every turn. Our gratuity expenses added up quickly.

Our final complaint was that there was no fridge in our room. There was a mini-bar and snack cooler that could be charged to the room, but there was nothing to cool our personal items. Not being able to save things or have leftovers ultimately leads to more spending.

©Evermore Orlando Resort

Overall, it’s safe to say we would LOVE to stay here again and again. The quiet evenings, fantastic amenities, and luxurious lodging make for an amazing vacation that created a Disney World trip for the ages!

Do you plan on staying at the Conrad Orlando or Evermore Resort? Let us know, and be sure to follow us for the latest Disney World news, tips, reviews, and more!

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