Stitch, PeopleMover, TRON, and More in New Merchandise Collection

Walt Disney World has a new collection of Tomorrowland merchandise featuring attractions and characters from the land’s history.

Tomorrowland Merchandise Collection

Tomorrowland merchandise display in Launch Depot

The collection is available in Tomorrowland Launch Depot at Magic Kingdom. There is various apparel and a Tervis tumbler.

Tomorrowland Jersey – $64.99

Tomorrowland baseball jersey hanging on a merchandise display

This baseball-style jersey is dark blue with light blue vertical pinstripes. It has orange buttons. “Tomorrowland” is across the chest in white letters with orange borders. Space Mountain is pictured below. The artwork has a 1950s retrofuturism style.

PeopleMover patch on jersey sleeve

A patch on the left sleeve features orange PeopleMover cars in the style of the extinct Disneyland version of the attraction. There are dark silhouettes of people in each car. The background is sky blue and it has an orange border.

Monorail patch on jersey

Another patch is orange with a light blue border. It features a Monorail car zipping past metallic Tomorrowland palm trees. Clouds and celestial objects are in the orange sky. While the Monorail doesn’t go directly through Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom, it has a station in the Disneyland version of the land.

Back of Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland baseball jersey

The back of the jersey features the Magic Kingdom wordmark and the number 71, for the year Magic Kingdom opened. An orange planet with two rings is at the top of the 7. At the bottom of the 1 is a pair of blue and orange lightcycles from TRON Lightcycle / Run.

Tomorrowland T-Shirt – $34.99

Front of Tomorrowland t-shirt

This ringer T-shirt is cream-colored with orange on the neck and sleeves. The Disneyland PeopleMover is pictured near the top of the chest, with orange vehicles on a blue track. “Tomorrowland” is across the side of the shirt in blue lettering.

Space Mountain is below the land name with black lines, blue shading, and blue rounded square shrubs around its base. There are round blue and orange lines throughout the design and a planet in the corner.

Back of Tomorrowland t-shirt

On the back are the blue and orange TRON lightcycles, with blue paths behind them. Stitch is pictured in an orange spaceship. “Magic Kingdom” is in blue lettering below him. A blue Monorail on an orange track is at the bottom of the design.

Tomorrowland Hoodie – $59.99

Front of pullover Tomorrowland hoodie

This pullover hoodie is white with a black hem, black wrists, and a black hood. It has a large orange front pocket. “Tomorrowland” is in black lettering. Space Mountain is pictured again in the same style as the other clothing. The PeopleMover also returns on the top right shoulder. There are a couple of ringed planets.

Back of Tomorrowland hoodie

On the back is a full piece of Tomorrowland artwork. Space Mountain is in the center. An orange Monorail travels on a track around the ride. Stitch flies his spaceship down the right side, over the classic TWA Moonliner. The PeopleMover cars are in the bottom right. TRON lightcycles zoom past a retrofuture Tomorrowland sign.

The planets and rockets of Astro Orbiter are in the top left. Below the Monorail track is the sign for Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Stars and planets fill in the gaps. The Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland sign is a blue silhouette in the background.

Monorail and palm trees design on hoodie sleeve

A blue Monorail is also pictured on the sleeve. It’s on a black track going over orange trees. The picture is surrounded by a thin orange border.

Tomorrowland Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Front of blue starry Tomorrowland Spirit Jersey

The Spirit Jersey is light blue and speckled all over with white stars.

Walt Disney World logo and Stitch spaceship on Tomorrowland Spirit Jersey

The Walt Disney World logo and “Est. 1971” are in black on the left breast. Above is a gray moon. Stitch is flying around the logo in his spaceship.

Back of Tomorrowland Spirit Jersey

“Tomorrowland” is in dark blue-gray lettering across the back of the shoulders.

Tomorrowland artwork on Spirit Jersey

The full artwork from the back of the hoodie is below the land name. It uses more orange and gray coloring to stand out against the blue jersey.

Tomorrowland Tervis Tumbler – $29.99

Tomorrowland Tervis tumbler

The same artwork is arranged around the side of this Tervis tumbler, behind a clear plastic layer. It has a darker blue background.

"Magic Kingdom" and "Tomorrowland" on tumbler

“Magic Kingdom” and “Tomorrowland” are on a dark blue stripe down one side of the tumbler, where the artwork begins and ends.

Tomorrowland tumbler

It has a matte orange lid. The tumbler is 24 ounces.

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