Why This Random Day in February Is Already SOLD OUT in Disneyland

Unless you’ve been totally off the grid lately, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a lot of football talk recently!

Football field at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

We’ve seen celebrities pouring into Orlando for the NFL Pro Bowl and even heard that Jason Kelce and his family had a blast in Disney World. But another, even BIGGER football event is coming up soon, and that’s why this seemingly random day is already SOLD OUT in Disneyland!

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If you’ve made plans to visit Disneyland on what may seem like just another Monday to you, you’ll want to make certain you’ve already made your Park Pass Reservation. And if you haven’t, well… the bad news is that both parks are already sold out for February 12th.

UPDATE: We have seen Disney restock Park Passes for the 12th, so make sure to keep checking back in case new availability shows up!


If you’re still shaking your head in confusion about what could be so important this particular Monday in the park, we can fill you in! The Sunday before this day (February 11th) just so happens to be the Super Bowl. This is the BIGGEST game of the year for football fans across the world. The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are set to play against each other in the big game in Las Vegas.

Football Mickey Pin

The following day on Monday, February 12th, Disneyland will be hosting a Super Bowl Parade in the park. This will be your chance to catch a glimpse of one or more of the champion team members along with Mickey and a few of his pals as they wave to everyone in celebration.


It’s typically a small cavalcade consisting of usually one main float with other performers leading the way, but it could be a prime opportunity to get in those photo ops!

Last year’s Super Bowl Parade

As we mentioned before, Park Pass Reservations for regular guests and Magic Key holders are already sold out for this day, so the only way you’ll be able to get into Disneyland at this point is to check for an available reservation before purchasing a park ticket for the day.

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Do you already have your park pass reservation for Disneyland on this day? Tell us if you plan to see the parade in the comments below!

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