Trollercoaster Spider Figure Appears in DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

DreamWorks Land is still under construction at Universal Studios Florida, but things are starting to really take shape. Just over the construction walls, we can see some new themed elements being installed in the “Shrek” and “Trolls” themed areas.

Trollercoaster Spider Installed in DreamWorks Land

A Trollercoaster spider character from "Trolls" with a purple striped body and green and teal striped legs standing on a plant. The teeth are different lengths, he has green grass spiky hair and diamond eyes.

The creepiest update this week is the addition of a giant spider character near the “Trolls”-themed Trollercoaster. The purple and teal-colored spider has spiky green hair and appears to have diamond eyes. Looking back at the original concept art, we can see this spider figure in the background.

2 lifts with construction works attaching the spiderweb to the top of the coaster track. Another crew member stands on the evac platform below.

At the top of the coaster track, we can see crew members installing a spiderweb around the top. The metal web frame is still hanging from a crane while the crew works to install it along the top of the green coaster track. Construction workers can be seen in lifts and standing on the evacuation platform along the track. The web features a pattern of straight lines and circles.

Shrek’s Swamp Painting Continues

Light brown tree trunk with metal scaffolding surrounding it and multiple layers of green leaves clustered together at the base.

Shrek’s house is looking great. Different shades of brown and tan have been added to create the bark of the tree trunk. Not only has it gotten more detailed paint, but fake foliage is being added around the base of the tree.

Shrek's tree trunk house painted different shades of light brown and tan, with scaffolding around it and construction workers standing on it.

Layers of green plants can be seen all around the bottom-left side of the tree. This area is expected to be a meet and greet location for Shrek and Donkey.

3 water canon shaped pieces wrapped in white plastic with tubes hanging from them, attached to wooden railings around the fence.

Next to Shrek’s meet and greet, it looks like there will be a playground. Railings are being added around some of this new play area. One tree appears to have a lookout tower type of area and three different pieces have been installed, wrapped in white plastic.

If this area is a water play area, these might be water blasters. Some plastic tubes are hanging from the bottom of each of the blaster pieces, which might be for connecting to water.

2 construction works painting a brown wooden pole and the spiderweb over the coaster track in the background

Shrek’s swamp runs very close to the entrance to E.T. Adventure. Several poles that are part of the play area come right up to the construction walls. A few people were working around the play area, too.

Light blue construction walls with a green building visible on the left and building with a brown roof on the right.

Directly behind the DreamWorks Land sign, two new buildings have popped up. There’s a “go away green” building that attempts to blend in with the surroundings right behind the sign.

Light brown wooden roof with patches of moss on it.

A themed hut can be seen nearby as well. The roof of the building has some mossy patches and looks like it fits right in with the swamp theme.

Construction walls around DreamWorks Land with a crane, lifts, and tree trunk surrounded by scaffolding.

This new DreamWorks-themed area is taking over the location that used to be KidZone at Universal Studios Florida. Several attractions closed permanently in January of 2023 to make room for this new addition, which is scheduled to open sometime in 2024.

We’ll be watching and waiting for more updates, so be sure to stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today.

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