This Is a MAJOR Disney World Souvenir Problem. And NOBODY’S Talking About It.

Trust us, we know how tempting it probably is to buy every single souvenir that catches your eye on your Disney World trip.

ALL the mugs!

But, unless you’ve got some sort of Mary Poppins or Hermione-esque magic bag, that probably isn’t a very good idea. We love Disney souvenirs as much as the next fan, and chances are you’re not talking about this major problembut you probably should be.

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Join us, Dear DFB reader, on a journey through yesteryear. You see, there once was a time in Disney World when Disney would send souvenir purchases you made in the parks back to your hotel room so you didn’t have to lug them around with you all day. And, not only that, but it was completely free.

Wilderness Lodge

But, when Disney World shuttered its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, package delivery was shuttered as well. Now that nearly everything has returned to “normal” in the parks and resorts, it would make sense that Disney would bring this service back, right? RIGHT???

Art of Animation Hotel

Well, maybe not. As of now, there aren’t any signs that Disney plans on bringing package delivery back, but we’re still holding out hope. This was a major bonus and a big reason folks even chose to stay at Disney World hotels in the first place. Being able to purchase a souvenir or two and not have to worry about dragging it around with you all day was a huge perk and we know we’re not the only ones who miss it!

Polynesian Village Resort

Even though package delivery may not be back yet for 2024, there are still a few solutions to your package problem. First, you could rent one of the Disney lockers to store your items so you don’t need to hold onto them.

Disney’s Yacht Club

Disney also offers a shipping service so you can have the item sent to your home — for an added fee. This can be a solid option if you’re purchasing a larger item or just don’t have much space left in your suitcase (we know the feeling). They will even ship your items internationally, with a few exceptions. It may not be the service we once knew and loved, but it’s something!

DIsney’s Riveria Resort

Stay tuned to DFB as we bring you the latest updates and news from Disney World and more!

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