This ‘BLUEY’ Episode Is One of the Highest Ranked of Any TV Show — Here’s Why

Everyone’s favorite family of Blue Heelers is at it again!


However, it isn’t in the way you may be thinking. Bluey is a beloved show by everyone who watches it — and recently, a specific episode has been getting some more attention than all the rest! But which episode… and why?

Bluey is a popular show for children and adults alike — and it is easy to see why! The show follows a family of dogs through everyday life and how they handle the different situations that they find themselves in.


Recently, an episode from season 2 has become very popular. In fact, it has risen to the 21st most popular TV episode on IMDB. The episode in question is episode 9, and is titled “Sleepytime”.


Looking at it, it seems like a normal episode of Bluey. It follows the family through the process of Bingo, Bluey’s little sister, setting the goal of waking up in her own bed in the morning — and the dream she has that helps make this possible. 


While on the surface it sounds like a normal episode. The story itself is simple, but it is shown in a way that makes it very relatable — and also shows all of the other things that the other family members experience through this.


This episode also doesn’t feature a lot of dialogue at the core of it, so we’re just left to watch everything play out and take it all in. It’s an idea that feels real and relatable to most, and the steps they took to portray it are so touching — we may or may not end up in tears every time.


It makes sense why this episode is rising the ranks on IMDB, and it is a testament to why this show is deserving of its spot as #15 in the top 250 TV shows list. If you want to watch this episode to see what it’s all about, head over to Disney+ to stream it — just make sure you have tissues ready.


We love all things Bluey, and we’re going to be keeping our eyes out on all news and updates about our favorite family of blue heelers. Keep checking in with us to see what we find next!

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What is your favorite episode of Bluey? Let us know in the comments below! 

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