REVIEW: One Thing SAVED This Limited-Time Mini Cake in Disney World

February is Black History Month and Disney is celebrating “soulfully.”

Magic Kingdom

Throughout February, you can find new special treats all around Disney World. We got really excited when we found out that Tiana’s famous beignets were making an appearance in Magic Kingdom! But it’s not just in the parks that you’ll find sweet treats celebrating Black History Month; the hotels are also offering some special snacks, too. We stopped by one of the five hotel locations that are serving a Mini Red Velvet Cake to “celebrate Soulfully.”

The Mini Red Velvet Cake is bigger than a standard Disney cupcake and has a fluffy cream cheese buttercream. It’s $5.99 at the following resorts.

Mini Red Velvet Cake

While we love a good red velvet cake, the star of the show on this little treat was definitely the cream cheese buttercream! It was whipped which made it fluffy and light. We thought it had a good balance of butter and cream cheese. It was perfect in sweetness and tang; we absolutely loved it.

Mini Red Velvet Cake

Unfortunately, the cake fell flat compared to its frosting. It was overcooked and tough around the edges. It was good, but it was missing the cocoa flavor flavor that red velvet cake is known for. We expect that if you’re a lover of red velvet cake, then you’ve most likely had better than this little snack.

That cream cheese buttercream was perfect!

However, we wouldn’t discredit this treat as a valid option; it is pretty good if you consider that you can pick it up at your resort’s quick-service dining location. If you’re looking for a quick dessert that’s inexpensive and easy to grab and go, then this is worth checking out!

You can find it at several resort quick-service cafes.

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