REVIEW: If You Love Zebra Domes, Listen Up. Disney World Debuted Something Even BETTER

Okay, February has brought a TON of new snacks to Disney World — and no, we are NOT complaining.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

First, we’ve got all kinds of new treats for Celebrate Soulfully, which is Disney’s way of celebrating Black History Month. But we’ve also got Valentine’s Day coming up, and that means Disney has also started to release Valentine’s Day snacks. So it’s like double the snacks this month, and we are here for it. Speaking of which, we’re heading over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to try one of those Valentine’s Day treats, and we’ve got a heads-up for you Zebra Dome fans!

Over at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s counter service restaurant, The Mara, you can now get a Zebra Mousse Cake for $6.99. It’s a cake made with Amarula mousse and chocolate sponge inspired by the iconic Zebra DomeWe bet that got your attention, right? All we can say is if you are a fan of Zebra Domes, you need this cake in your life. Also, look at how pretty it is!

Zebra Mousse Cake

The cake itself is a moist sponge cake with a nice chocolate flavor. But we do have to warn you about that red gel on this cake — although it adds a hint of sweetness and is mostly for looks, it is rather messy. So this is something you want to sit down to enjoy and AVOID  if you’re trying to eat on the go.

That red is going to stain EVERYTHING

But let’s talk about the mousse because it makes up about 80 percent of this dessert. It’s WONDERFUL. It’s got that Amarula Cream in it that makes Zebra Domes so delicious. Amarula Cream is a South African liqueur made with the fruit of the amarula tree, cream, and sugar. The flavor is sort of like caramel. The mousse here is thick and rich, meaning this could be shareable. We’ll tell you now, though: you may not want to share, and that’s your decision.

ALLLLL that delicious mousse

We’d say that makes this snack a good value, too. For under $7, you’re getting a rich, decadent dessert that is both pretty AND delicious. Plus, it qualifies as a snack with the Disney Dining Plan! It’s only available through February 14th, though, so you’ll have to get over to Animal Kingdom Lodge quickly to grab it.

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