PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a 1-Bedroom Suite in Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort

Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort, formerly Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, has officially opened. We first stayed in a standard room and then moved to a 1-bedroom suite to check out the new Pixar decorations. If you’ve already looked at our standard room tour, you’ll notice many repeat details in the 1-bedroom suite.

Pixar Place Hotel 1-Bedroom Suite Tour

Room Entrance

The "Monsters, Inc." themed "Room occupied" door tag.

We appreciate that the “room occupied” door tag is themed. It features artwork of Sulley and Mike in their bunkbed from “Monsters University” and reads “monsters at rest.” At Walt Disney World Resort, all of the door tags are the same, so we like seeing this customization at Disneyland Resort.

A view of the room's hallway.

Pixar Place Hotel has an overall red, blue, and yellow color scheme inspired by the ball from “Luxo Jr.” The ball and Luxo Jr. lamp also act as the hotel’s icons and you’ll see more references to them beyond just the color scheme.

The bathroom entrance has a sliding wood door with a plastic lock on the inside.

A photo of the tall mirror mounted to the wall.

The entryway also has a tall mirror with rounded corners for a slightly whimsical feeling. The wall is white on the top half and yellow on the bottom half, separated by a black border.

First Bathroom

A wide shot of the first bathroom.

The two rooms we stayed in happened to be right next to each other, so the bathroom layout is switched but it’s otherwise identical to the standard room. There’s a large square illuminated mirror above the one-sink vanity. An illuminated makeup mirror unfolds from the wall next to the door.

Some of the bathroom amenities sit on a counter.

The bathroom is largely white with black accents, like this tray on the counter. The shower cap packaging is Pixar Place Hotel-branded but the body lotion and bath soap are both H2O+. We heard word that there may be Pixar Place Hotel-branded versions of those products too, but Disney may still be trying to use up the H2O+ products.

A close-up of the H2O+ bath soap sitting on the counter.

The bath soap is also in a small black tray. The tissue box is in a black cover.

A portrait photo of the shower.

The showers have a glass door that opens. Inside is a textured wavy white wall and hexagonal tile floor. It has an adjustable, detachable showerhead.

The body wash, conditioner, and shampoo mounted on the shower wall.

The mounted shower products also feature Pixar Place Hotel branding. The body wash has a red sticker, the conditioner has a blue sticker, and the shampoo has a yellow sticker.

The "Conserve Water" tag, featuring imagery from Pixar's "Luca."

The “conserve water” tag hanging on the hook outside the shower is also custom. It features Luca in sea monster form.

The white bathroom wall has a pixel-like texture.

A wide shot of the closet and toilet in the bathroom.

The floor of the bathroom is made of large black tiles. The toilet is tucked into a corner, next to a bathroom closet with a pair of light wood doors and large black half-circle handles.

A look inside the closet in the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom closet is the iron and ironing board, extra pillow and blanket, suitcase rack, and hangers.

A portrait photo of the toilet and corresponding toilet art.

There’s a plain black holder for an extra roll of toilet paper. Artwork of Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball hangs in a black frame on the wall above the toilet.

A closer look at the "toilet art" of Luxo Jr.

The artwork is a sketch style and a music note is next to Luxo Jr. This image is so ingrained in the hotel’s branding that it’s a giant statue in the lobby.

“Luxo Jr.” was the first Pixar short film, released in 1986.

Living Area

A wide shot of the main living area in the suite.

The living space and bedroom have a light wood-finish floor. Three of the walls in the living room are dark blue. The curtains across the window are a slightly lighter shade of blue. That dark color and the lack of overhead light above the couch make the room feel especially dark during the day.

Another wide shot of the main living area from the opposite angle.

The dark blue felt more like an accent in the standard room, but is overwhelming in the suite. It could be helped by more artwork on the blue walls as right now there’s only one thin piece above the couch.

There is an overhead light in the entryway and another above the dining area.

a wide shot of the desk/TV and dining areas in the main living room.

There is also light emitting from behind the desk and TV unit. We like the unit but it being brown and black doesn’t help the overall dark feeling of the suite.

The desk ottoman in the suite.

The standard room had a chair at the desk but the suite has an ottoman. It’s a pixel pattern of mainly black with white lines and the occasional blue, yellow, or red square.

The room's safe, kept inside a false drawer in the desk.

The fake drawer on the right is a hinged door hiding the safe.

A look inside the mini-fridge.

The mini-fridge is in the cabinet on the left, next to three drawers.

The coffee accessories drawer in the desk.

The first drawer holds coffee and tea pods, condiment kits, and cups.

The drawer with mugs and glasses in the desk.

Mugs and glasses are in the second drawer.

Two stemless glasses and an ice bucket sit on a shelf.

There are also two glasses, sitting on Pixar ball coasters, on a shelf with the ice box.

A single-cup Keurig coffee maker sits on the desk.

The Keurig coffee machine is on the desktop as well as a phone. There are outlets built into the unit behind the Keurig.

A copy of "The Art of Pixar" sits on a shelf.

“The Art of Pixar” coffee table book is also displayed on a shelf. The book is available for purchase at the Pixar Place Hotel gift shop, STOR-E. If you take it from the room, you’ll be charged for it (about $100).

A Pixar Place Hotel-branded notepad and pen sit on the desk.

A Pixar Place Hotel-branded notepad and pen are available.

A Pixar Place folio sits on a desk.

The Pixar Place Hotel portfolio includes a welcome letter from General Manager Ron Silagyi, lists of conveniences and experiences, and other information about the hotel.

A look inside the Pixar Place Hotel folio.

There are two postcards available. One is for Great Maple, the new table-service restaurant.

A reporter holds up the Pixar postcard included inside the folio.

The other postcard features a grid of Pixar artwork that is also displayed in the rooms.

There was also an “Up” lithograph gifted by Disney Vacation Club.

A look at the Pixar concept art that scrolls by on the TV.

The hotel has the new interactive TVs with Disney On Demand available. They display artwork from various Pixar films and play the hotel’s background music loop.

A close-up photo of the Luxo Jr. lamp attached to the desk.

Luxo Jr. is here on the desk. This working lamp looks just like the character from the short film.

The Luxo Jr. lamp turned on.

He’s bolted down but still very adjustable. We used him a lot during our stay to provide more light, tilting him over the ironing board, etc.

There is a set of outlets behind Luxo Jr.

A wide shot of the living area from the window.

Across from the TV and desk is a large red sofa that curves into the corner. It opens up to become an extra bed. It’s the same American Leather sleeper we’ve seen at other Disney hotels.

There are outlets at the end of the sofa.

A medium shot of the red L-shaped couch and coffee tables.

There are two circular tables in front of the couch. One is shorter than the other, so they can stack slightly.

A close-up shot of the Luxo Jr.-patterned rug.

The rug is blue with a minimalist Luxo Jr. pattern. This design is straight from Pixar Animation Studios headquarters in Emeryville.

A medium shot of the couch and a standing lamp.

The standing lamp here is black with a plain orb on top. This feels like a missed opportunity to have a Pixar ball lamp like the ones outside.

A closer look at Pixar art on the wall.

This artwork is by Tasha Sounart. It depicts Pixar characters in motion, with a pastel background. There’s a long light hanging on the wall above it to keep it illuminated.

A close-up of one side of the Pixar art in the living room.

The characters pictured are Hector from “Coco,” Boy Peep from “Toy Story 4,” Remy from “Ratatouille,” Mike and Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.,” Kevin from “Up,” Elastigirl from “The Incredibles,” Joe Gardner from “Soul,” and Sadness from “Inside Out.”

A close-up of the middle of the Pixar art in the living room.

The characters are depicted in a slight sketch style with the colors not always quite filling their lines.

Another close-up of the Pixar art in the living room.

Colorful lines create waves of motion around the characters.

A close-up of the right side of the Pixar art print in the living room.

Joe Gardner also appears live at Pixar Place Hotel playing piano downstairs.

A medium shot of the dining area in the living room.

There is a blue bench against the wall behind the circular dining table.

A closer photo of the dining table, two chairs, and bench.

The two pixel-patterned chairs are the same as the desk chair we had in our standard room (pictured below).

Pixar Place Hotel room chair

It’s the same pattern as the ottoman, too.

A Luxo Jr.-patterned ceiling lamp.

The overhead light here features the silhouettes of Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball. Luxo is pictured in different stages of jumping, almost like a flipbook.

A square version of Pixar concept art hangs on the wall.

Here is a square version of the artwork that guests also receive as a postcard. It features characters and imagery from “Up,” “Soul,” “Inside Out,” “Monsters, Inc.,” “Luca,” “Finding Nemo,” and “WALL-E.”


A wide shot of the bedroom area.

There are two double beds in this room, with lifted frames so there is space for luggage underneath. The dark blue walls and curtains return, as does the lamp-patterned carpet, which covers the space under both beds. The beds and headboard are light wood with black legs.

A medium shot of the two beds.

The artwork above the bed is the same as in the standard room. We did see a different version of this mural in a Pixel suite we toured. It had an image of Joy on the right end and the image of Merida was gone.

A photo of the large mural behind the beds.

The mural is lit from below. It does help break up the dark blue in this room.

A closer look at the bedside table in between the two beds.

There is one end table between the two beds. There are outlets and light controls above the end table.

A close-up of the alarm clock and outlets.

The table has an alarm clock and another phone. There was also another notepad and pen. The letter seen here informed guests that there was still construction they might hear during the day.

A close-up of the reading light attached to the headboard of the beds.

Each headboard has two reading lights on either side of the headboard for nighttime light.

A close-up of the outlets.

There are also more outlets built into the sides of the headboard.

A photo of the beds from a side angle.

The pillowcases are solid white. The sheets are two shades of white with a light polka-dot pattern.

A close-up of the patterned bedding.

Some of the polka-dots are Pixar balls.

A close-up of the Luxo ball throw pillow.

The long cylindrical pillow on each bed is inspired by the Pixar ball, too. The round sides are blue, with a wavy texture. The ends are yellow with a stitched red star.

A wide shot of the bedroom from the second bathroom.

These beds and pillows are super comfortable.

A wide shot of the opposite side of the bedroom from the beds.

The beds face another white and yellow wall, where a TV is mounted on a wood unit above drawers. This unit is also lit from behind. Next to that is a wardrobe instead of a closet.

A look at the TV area and storage drawers.

There are four drawers in the bench beneath the TV.

One of the drawers opened to show the level of storage available.

Next to the unit is the trash can and recycling bin.

A photo of the other closet in the suite.

The wardrobe has the same doors as the bathroom closet. We again felt like the circular handles could have been the Luxo ball, but maybe they didn’t want to overdo it.

A look inside the bedroom closet.

Inside are hangers and an extra pillow and blanket. It’s not a very deep wardrobe.

A close-up of the thermostat in the bedroom.

There’s a thermostat in the living room and in the bedroom.

A photo of a vertical piece of artwork celebrating "Turning Red," "Toy Story," and "Coco."

This long vertical artwork matches the piece above the dining room bench. It features Meilin from “Turning Red” and Miguel from “Coco,” with stars and the “Toy Story” clouds.

Second Bathroom

A wide shot of the second bathroom.

The second bathroom is off the bedroom with another sliding door. It has a larger shower and a double vanity.

A wide shot of the double sink.

There’s a long illuminated mirror above the vanity, which has shelves underneath the sinks.

A closer look at the mirror above the double sinks.

There’s also a fold-out makeup mirror.

A closer look at the double sinks.

It has the same amenities as the other bathroom.

A portrait photo of the shower in the second bathroom.

The walls and flooring are the same in this bathroom, too, including in the shower.

A shelving unit in the bathroom.

There’s a shelving unit with a cabinet between the vanity and the door to the toilet.

A closer look at the bathroom shelving unit.

It has three cubbies and two shelves inside the cabinet.

A portrait photo of the toilet and corresponding "toilet art" of Luxo Jr.

This door slides into the wall. It has the same Luxo Jr. artwork above the toilet as the other bathroom. We do wish it was different art instead of repeating the same piece in both bathrooms.

Pixar Place Hotel 1-Bedroom Suite Tour Video

For a further look at our Pixar Place Hotel 1-bedroom suite, watch our room tour video below.

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