PHOTOS: Main Street Cinema Sign Updated at Magic Kingdom

The Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom is “Now showing Mickey Mousterpieces,” according to the signage on the marquee outside.

Main Street Cinema Sign Updated

Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom

All three sides of the marquee now read “Now showing Mickey Mousterpieces.” From late 2021 to early 2023, the store had retro 50th anniversary decorations and sold Vault Collection merchandise. The Mr. Toad statue displayed in the shop was later moved to Town Square Theater when it became the park’s Art of Disney location.

Main Street Cinema marquee

Although the 50th anniversary decorations were removed in April 2023, the sides of the marquee continued to read “Now Showing 50 Years of Magic” until now. The front of the marquee also read “The Magic of Walt Disney World.”

Main Street Cinema marquee

The Main Street Cinema, which got new red carpeting last year, currently sells mostly Mickey Mouse merchandise, making the updated sign an appropriate advertisement for what’s inside.

Main Street Cinema marquee

When Magic Kingdom opened, the Main Street Cinema showed silent films and then later Disney cartoons. In the 1990s, it began to show previews of new animated films. Most of the screens were removed by 2005 when it became VMK Central for guests to play the online game Virtual Magic Kingdom. VMK Central closed in 2007 and the shop became The Art of Disney. It remained as such until 2021, when it became a temporary sweets shop while the Main Street Confectionery was refurbished, before being converted to the Vault Collection home.

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