NEWS: Universal’s NEW Texas Theme Park Takes BIG Step Toward Opening

Universal has chosen to stay pretty mum on its upcoming Texas theme park since announcing its official name.


While information pouring out of Epic Universe has been like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant lately, there’s still a lot left unknown about Universal Kids Resort in Texas. However, while Universal may be staying silent on further updates for now, we’ve recently discovered evidence that suggests we could be hearing about progress (and getting to see it) soon!

Construction may be underway soon for Universal Kids Resort! The upcoming park set to make its home in Frisco, Texas just took a major step forward with construction.


According to LinkedIn, key utility contracts have been awarded to companies already for the new Universal Park. This is just the first of several pieces that need to come together for construction to officially begin on the $550 million project.


In the announcement, Moss mentions that Moss Utilities has been selected for the contract with Universal Kids Resort. It seems that it could be a tight-knit local project as the announcement further states that both Moss Utilities and RPM x Construction are BOTH already assigned to the project. This post also suggests the familiarity between the two companies referencing that once Moss Utilities “friends at RPM x Construction” are finished with groundwork, that will then become time for utilities work to start.


Moss Utilities seems to be big fans of Universal characters and parks, too! They recently spoofed a play on the Grinch during the holidays adding a little disruption to their employee’s work-day!


So far Universal has stayed pretty true to concept art for its other upcoming Orlando-based park, Epic Universe. While we’ve seen a few minor things change in Universal Kids Resort from the artist renderings initially shared…

©Universal (initial concept art)

… we’re eager to see which section of the park we’ll start to spot under construction first, and just how true to the latest version of the artwork shared it will stay.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this Universal Park as construction gets underway, so it’s a great time to make sure you’re following us at Disney Food Blog for the latest as it’s available!

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