It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking About A 2024 Holiday Trip to Walt Disney World

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Years ago, my family would always plan our Disney trips at least a year in advance. We lined up all the details: airfare, hotels, park tickets, a rental car, and even scheduled which parks we wanted to visit on which days. Yeah, that last part was the theme-park commando in me.

That was a much simpler time. The world has changed in many ways, and having the luxury of planning a trip more than a year in advance is not as common nowadays. But sometimes, it’s imperative. Case in point: traveling during the holiday season. Sure Disney is crowded during the summer, but if you’ve never seen the parks at Christmas, let me tell you, it’s a whole different level of crowded.

Boardwalk lobby at Christmas

That’s why, if you’re thinking about a trip to Walt Disney World at the end of 2024, you need to be planning now. It’s absolutely the most crowded time of year, and that means that resorts book up much farther in advance than a run-of-the-mill summer week.

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Contemporary gingerbread display 2023

If you know a little about DVC (or have read our series of articles on How DVC Works), then you’ll have heard about the 11-month booking window. Essentially this means DVC members can book rooms up to 11 months in advance. A quick calculation will tell you that Christmas 2024 is less than 11 months away, and that’s why it’s not too early to start planning!

So let me cover the two different ways you can rent DVC points, because you might need to use one or the other (or both) depending on how much the resorts are already booked up for your desired dates.

Check Availability for Any Dates

This option allows you to decide your exact dates and see what DVC room options are available. DVC Rental Store is unique in that you can check availability without paying any deposit! Every other DVC points rental company will ask you to place a deposit along with your availability request. This benefit is one of the reasons we here at WDWNT prefer to use DVC Rental Store when we are looking to rent DVC points. With no upfront payment, you can see what rooms are available, what they will cost, and even compare it to what that room would cost if you booked through Disney.

Confirmed Reservations

But as I said, holiday reservations book up fast. This is where the second method of renting DVC points might yield better results. In addition to requesting a specific room type for specific dates, you can also look through the list of Confirmed Reservations that are available right now. You can easily filter this list to look at only reservations around Thanksgiving or Christmas. These Confirmed Reservations include resorts, room types, and dates that are super hard to find because they book up so quickly. Reservations around Thanksgiving, and Christmas are among the hardest to book, but because we’ve just entered the 11-month window for December reservations, there are a decent number of options available as of the time of this writing. Please note that availability is limited and changes quickly, so we encourage you to have all of your desired dates, room types, and resort choices ready to go, and be ready to book something now if it matches your needs because it might be gone tomorrow.

Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree 2023

Stress-Free Cancellation Policy

Maybe you’ve shied away from renting DVC points because you’re worried about losing out if something comes up and you have to cancel. That’s why DVC Rental Store has a Stress-Free Cancellation Policy. Everything is spelled out upfront so you’ll know when the deadlines are for cancellation.

Lowest Price Guarantee

DVC Rental Store also offers a Lowest Price Guarantee on new reservations so you can rest easy with the knowledge that no matter what low price you see online, DVC Rental Store will guarantee that they have the lowest price.

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