I’m a DFB Reporter, and I Swear By This NEW Disney World Park Bag

I’m not even exaggerating when I say DFB reporters go to Disney World every.single.day.

Welcome to Disney World!

As you might imagine, the DFB reporting crew has continuous discussions (well, I’ll be honest, sometimes they’re DEBATES) about what’s best to wear the parks (especially SHOES), what we carry with us, and what bag works best in the parks. And I know that before I became a Disney World reporter, I was always looking for tips on the best park bags myself, so I’m sharing a NEW favorite with you today!

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When the Festival of the Arts opened this year at Disney World, some brand new Disney Lug bags were part of the exclusive festival merchandise, including this mini backpack style Lug calls the “Hopper Shorty.”

2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts Lug Bag featuring Figment

I was really busy running around doing food and drink reviews that day — as our whole crew was (don’t sleep on the Torta Ricotta di Cioccolata, y’all). But fortunately, at the end of the night, these bags were still in stock at Creations Shop, and I was able to take a closer look. I ended up going home with one (YES, we are tempted by the new merch just like you)!

Creations Shop in EPCOT

This bag was $90 ($72 with my passholder discount), and yeah, that’s not cheap — but it’s about the same price I have paid for other bags, before. I wore it to Disney World the very next day, and it quickly became my NEW favorite! The huge benefit here is the organization — someone clearly put SO MUCH THOUGHT into the design of this bag.

Let’s start at the back of the bag. (Noting here that I am borrowing some Lug product photos, because the studio lighting shows the details better than I can, but my Disney lug bag is set up just like this!) See that zipper? There’s a big pocket back here that is perfect for your debit/credit cards, cash and any other valuables. This pocket is against your back when you’re wearing the bag, so there’s no way for anyone else to access it without your knowledge.


Now let’s look at the front and sides. There are two zippered pockets on the front. The top one actually goes all the way to the bottom of the bag, behind the lower pocket on the front. And the lower pocket is the perfect size to hold my portable charger for my phone. I can leave it zipped up in here with just a little spot open for the cord to come out when I am using it.

And the sides — those gusseted pockets are perfect for a water bottle, and they fit my umbrella just fine! The side pockets have magnetic closures, so I also feel good about using one for my phone if I’m not carrying an umbrella. (One quick note here about the portable charger and umbrella — you’ll need to pull those out of your bag and hold them out in front of your body when going through Disney World security, which is another benefit to having them so quickly accessible in this bag.)


Now on to the main compartment of this Lug backpack. Inside there’s even more organization, including a plastic zippered pocket great for storing a small tube of sunscreen, hand sanitizer or other cosmetics that could spill, more pockets for small items, and a little pouch for sunglasses. I especially appreciate this because I wear prescription glasses, and usually switch between my regular specs and prescription sunglasses several times a day!


A couple more features I really like in this bag — the bottom is coated in plastic and easy to wipe off, and the straps are padded and include a “grippy” material to keep them from sliding off your shoulders. I am a plus-size girlie, and I am usually concerned about strap length on crossbody bags and things like mini backpacks. I am here to report there is plenty of room, seriously way more room than I need, on the adjustable straps for this bag.

Winnie the Pooh Lug Backpack available in the EPCOT UK Pavilion

I do have one warning about this bag, though: You’re going to get asked about it in Disney World — A LOT. I get stopped several times a day, every day, from Disney World guests and even Cast Members asking about my Lug backpack! We’re starting to see more Lug bags in the parks all the time, so if you’re wondering about them, hopefully I’ve convinced you they are well designed and high quality! We know this Orange Bird Lug Crossbody will be available later this month at the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival, and we can’t wait to see what other Lug bags we will find in Disney World soon!


If you think the Hopper Shorty would be perfect for you, but you’re looking for a non-Disney design, you can check out Lug’s store on Amazon for lots more choices!


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Have you tried a Lug bag? Which styles do you recommend?

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