I Wasted 1080 Steps Going to Get Disney World’s Newest Treat

You won’t go hungry in Disney World…we PROMISE.

Disney Springs

Especially in the month of February, there are SO many limited-time treats that you couldn’t possibly try them all in a week-long vacation. With Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, we’ve been running around all over the parks to test out the latest creations. And for one offering, we headed over to Disney Springs!

EET is a new restaurant that opened in Disney World in December 2023, serving Indian food in a fast-casual environment. Located in The Marketplace area at Disney Springs, I already stopped by this spot for a review on opening day…but now I’m back just a few weeks later to try a new drink!

But before we get into the review, there’s something you should know about EET — it’s like, WAY in the back of Disney Springs. If you’re parking at the Orange Garage like I was, it’s about a half-mile walk to get to this restaurant. So let’s see if the new treat is worth the 1080 steps I had to walk to get there!

EET in Disney Springs

One of EET’s signature offerings is its chai beverages. During the holidays, they had a peppermint chai drink, but now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, they’ve got a new option to try — the ValenChai Day Latte!

Say hello to the ValenChai!

I was among the first to order the drink after we saw the restaurant post about it on Instagram. In fact, they didn’t even have it listed on the menu yet! It’s $9 and made with black tea, sweet cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and candy on top. It’s a little bit pricey, but is it delicious enough to make up for it?

It’s topped with a piece of chocolate and a lollipop.

The short answer? Uhhh…probably not. The black tea and sweet cream are delicious together and the candy adds a fun decorative element, but that’s about where my enjoyment ended. I’m a huge chai fan, and there wasn’t quite enough of that flavor there for me.

That’s a LOT of whipped cream on top.

The drink is also pretty ice-heavy and topped with a LOT of whipped cream, so you don’t get much liquid. I probably only got about five good sips, and that’s not enough for a $9 drink, in my opinion. The chocolate sauce in the drink is very syrupy and distracting, overwhelming the chai flavor. Once you get to the bottom, it’s pretty much all syrup.

So sorry, EET!

I’m sad that I didn’t enjoy this drink more (like I said, major chai lover!), but that certainly won’t stop me from returning to EET. I really loved some of the eats on their menu when I visited at the end of last year, ESPECIALLY the Tandoori Chicken Poutine. Those are totally worth the half-mile trek!

Lizzie McGuire doesn’t know what she’s talking about…THIS is what dreams are made of.

Stay tuned to DFB for more updates on the new snacks in Disney World! We’ll keep you in the loop.

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