How YOU Can Win FREE McDonald’s for an Entire YEAR!

Just when we thought we’d seen it all from McDonald’s, they go and do something that really surprises us.

Ba Da Ba Ba Bah…

We’ve seen cryptic texts, double Big Macs, Crocs (no, we’re not kidding) and more, but this latest viral campaign may just take the cake. We recently got a text from Mickey D’s about winning free burgers for a year, and now we finally have all the details!

Hang on to your hamburger, because the Hamburglar is on the loose again. He’s looking for McDonald’s’ hottest, juiciest, and tastiest new, classic burger recipe.

This is… a lot.

According to McDonald’s these burgers are so good that the Hamburglar has stepped up his theft game with a brand new getaway car: the Burgercuda. That’s right, this custom, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda has been given a makeover and you might find it in a city near you.


If you spot the car and scan the code on the vehicle in a city near you, you’ll get rewarded with an Arch Card and Hamburglar-inspired swag. Here’s how to spot the Burgercuda:

  • Hamburglar’s iconic look: His signature black-and-white stripes are portrayed across the car’s interior and exterior, along with his logo on the headrests and red detailing throughout.
  • Burger-loving details: The getaway car features bun-like hubcaps, a spare tire disguised as a giant cheeseburger, and a hidden burger warmer in the center console to ensure his stash stays perfectly hot, juicy and tasty.
  • RBL RBL: Hamburglar’s signature catchphrase makes an appearance on the hood scoop and license plate.


And, whether you find the Burgercuda or not, you can enter to win FREE McDonald’s burgers for a year by visiting

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Will you be on the lookout for the Burgercuda and the Hamburglar? Tell us in the comments.

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