Disney’s Brand New Popcorn Buckets Have Ended All Other Popcorn Buckets

Popcorn buckets are a pretty popular souvenir in Disney World, and we can’t deny that some of them are just plain epic.

Refillable Popcorn Bucket

Sure, you can just carry a normal cardboard popcorn box around the parks, but if you really want to get into the Disney spirit, popcorn buckets are the way to go. Plus, you get refills for just $2.25 during your vacation (if you love popcorn, that’s a GREAT deal). While we’ve always been somewhat impressed by Disney’s popcorn buckets, we must admit that these recent ones have blown us ALL away.

Don’t believe us? Let’s just look through a few to convince you, starting with one that looks EXACTLY like Valentino from Disney’s new film, WishLook at that face. Sassy!

We’re obsessed

Isn’t he ADORABLE? Seriously, that expression is priceless. Disney, take all of our money — we won’t even complain.

He is our son and we love him

Now, this next popcorn bucket we’re super jealous of because it only landed over in Hong Kong Disneyland, but we had to include it because it’s GROOT! Yes, the entire popcorn bucket is baby Groot sitting in his pot (the bucket also has the “I Am Groot” Marvel Studios logo). Groot is even jamming out to music on his headphones. We need this in the U.S. parks ASAP.


Back in Disney World, we also spotted this amazingly detailed popcorn bucket that looks like Mickey’s hand/glove holding a picnic basket. Not only do we love the design, but it also looks like it holds a good amount of popcorn as well.

Perfect Picnic Popcorn Bucket

Of course we can’t forget about EPCOT’s recent star, which is the Imagination Pavilion Popcorn Bucket for EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts that looks just like the real pavilion!

2024 Figment Popcorn Bucket

Not to mention that Figment can be seen INSIDE the popcorn bucket too!

Figment is in there too!

We’re gonna throw it back really quickly to the holidays with this last popcorn bucket, which is the beloved Toy Story Holiday Popcorn Bucket. The words “Happy Holidays” are spelled out in blocks, thanks to Woody and Buzz, who are putting the final touches on the popcorn bucket.

Happy Holidays Toy Story Popcorn Bucket

And those are just some of our favorites we’ve seen in the past few months! There are so many popcorn buckets to see in the Disney parks, and we make sure to let you know every time we see a new one, or let you know when Disney gives us the heads up one is on the way.


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