CONFIRMED: McDonald’s Announces NEW Menu Items Coming This Year!

We’ve got even MORE big McDonald’s news!

Don’t you have 20 photos of a McDonalds on your camera roll, too?

We LOVE to keep up with things going on at McDonalds — It’s one of the most convenient places to grab food if you’re looking for something familiar but still within the Disney World bubble! We’ve kept up with the newest Happy Meal toys, new menu items, and even the happenings with their spin-off location, CosMc’s. NOW we have something even bigger and better to talk about. The RETURN of one of the most beloved menu items.

We’ve been hearing rumors of McDonald’s expanding their McCrispy line in all markets around the world. So how exactly is McDonald’s going to expand the McCrispy universe (we like to think about it as the Marvel Cinematic Universe of McDonald’s)?

Spicy McCrispy Chicken Sandwich

We’re glad you asked! Instead of just offering the McCrispy sandwiches, they plan to use the same chicken to make chicken tenders and (drumroll please) WRAPS. That’s HUGE NEWS, y’all!

the McCrispy!

WE KNOW. We’ve heard rumors of this in the past, but during the company’s recent First-quarter earnings call, it was CONFIRMED.

Ba da da da da, i’m lovin’ it!

While these won’t be brought back exactly as we remember them, just having Chicken Wraps back on the menu in any form is something that we’re looking forward to. We’re excited to see how these new chicken tenders and wraps will compare to how we remember them.

Chicken Nuggets!

We’re all over this McDonald’s news like Big Mac Sauce on a Big Mac — and we plan to keep it that way, so keep checking in with us at DFB for updates about these menu items coming back and MORE!

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