A Signal 70 Is BAD NEWS in Disney World. Here’s What It Means

Disney World Cast Members have their own language when things happen in the parks.

Cast Members have codes for everything

Most of the time, the language is there to keep folks from panicking. Because you’d rather hear about a “Code A,” than hear that someone has dumped a deceased loved one’s ashes in Haunted Mansion (yep, that happens). A “Code V” happens when someone gets sick on a ride (yep, that happens, too). A “Code 101” is when a ride goes down unexpectedly. Well, what if you hear a Cast Member refer to a “Signal 70?” Well, we’ll tell you that it’s not happy news.

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A Signal 70 is given when there’s a missing child. However, in Disney World, Cast Members never refer to a lost child. Instead, it’s a lost parent or a lost adult, which is language that is meant to keep children calm if and when they are found (or if they’re found by themselves). Makes sense, right? The most important thing is to keep kids from freaking out.

There’s never a lost kid, but a lost adult

Cast Members try to keep the entire incident as lowkey as possible so that the child doesn’t get scared, but also so that other parents in the park don’t overhear. So they keep calm and radio it in as a Signal 70. Then leaders take over from there to find the parents. Cast Members stay with the child where the child was found and do their best to keep the child as calm and distracted as possible until the lost adults are found.

Cast Members know what to do in almost any situation!

The good news is that kids don’t go missing a LOT in Disney World, and when they do, Cast Members are trained on what to do to reunite lost kids and parents as quickly as possible.

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