6 Disney Interactions That Feel SO Awkward Every. Single. Time

Disney World is known for being the Most Magical Place on Earth — but it isn’t all magic, all the time.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

Sure, we do our best to go with the flow and not make a big deal out of things, but sometimes we just can’t help feeling awkward during certain Disney interactions. And, since we’re friends, we’re letting you in on the top awkward moments that we cringe at — every single time. 

Character Cringe

Look, we love characters as much as the next person, but sometimes interacting with them as adults can be a little…uncomfortable.

Hey, Pluto!

We try to come up with something topical to chat with them about, but for non-face characters (aka the ones that don’t speak) you’re basically just standing there talking to yourself. The character attendant will likely chime in at some point to help ease the tension, but sometimes a brief interaction is best.

The Scan-dal

We can’t be the only ones who have been duped by the latest technology. When scanning into the park or even a Lightning Lane, sometimes our MagicBand or MagicMobile app straight-up won’t scan.

Scanning in

We know it’s not our fault, but we can’t help but feel awkward as we fumble around trying to pull out our physical ticket to scan with a whole line of people waiting behind us. Cast Members are incredibly helpful when this happens, but it can still feel uncomfortable!

Overly Enthusiastic Cast Members

Don’t get us wrong — we LOVE Disney Cast Members! But, sometimes they are very committed to their jobs. We’re talking about those Rise of the Resistance and Tower of Terror Cast Members who just love messing with people waiting in line!

Rise of the Resistance

We get that they’re doing their jobs and it’s all part of the experience, but those Imperial Soldiers giving us marching orders can sometimes lead to an awkward interaction!

Sharing the Skyliner

We won’t say we miss COVID-era Disney World, but there was something nice about not having to share a Skyliner gondola with another family.


Although you’re all probably lovely people, sharing an enclosed, quiet space with total strangers is a bit too close for our comfort. These days, Cast Members will stick multiple families in the same gondola — provided they can all fit safely.

Table Vultures

We get it — Disney World during meal times is chaotic and trying to find a table at a quick-service restaurant should be an Olympic sport.

Full spread from Primo Piatto

But, we see you awkwardly hovering close to our table with your tray like a vulture waiting to dive and it doesn’t exactly make for a pleasant eating experience. While we will gladly give up our table when we’re done eating, we’d like to actually finish our food before feeling like someone is going to steal our chair out from under us!

Being the Chosen One

If you’ve never experienced Enchanted Tales with Belle in Magic Kingdom, it’s an attraction where guests of all ages can volunteer to be part of the retelling of Beauty and the Beast. And, sometimes, that makes for an awkward story.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

It’s essentially an improv skit comprised of people who have no idea what they’re doing. It can be fun and it’s great for kids, but you won’t see us rushing to be part of this tale as old as time!

Main Street Train Station

While these interactions may be awkward, they’re still part of the experience and we don’t take that for granted! Stay tuned to DFB as we bring you the latest tips, tricks, and news from Disney World.

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