5 Things You Will Only Know About Someone If You Take Them to Disney World

Do you really ever know someone until you go with them to Disney World?

Magic Kingdom

A trip to Disney World can indeed reveal character, quirks, and fun facts you never would have known otherwise. From facing bad weather to embracing your inner child, Disney World trips show us who we really are.

Disney World challenges us in all kinds of ways. It tests our patience, gives us the opportunity to embrace nostalgia, and dares us to love our individuality. It brings out both the best and worst in us.  It can be impossible to hide who we really are at the Most Magical Place on Earth. With that said, here are five things you will only know about someone if you take them to Disney World!

How They Handle Stress and Disappointment

Cast Members next to shutdown Skyliner on a rainy day

Let’s face it, at some point during a Disney World trip, you’ve overheard a serious argument or someone going out of their way to be kind. Disney World elicits some pretty strong fight-or-flight reactions because, at some point, you are guaranteed to experience stress and disappointment.

LONG lines at the entrance

Don’t get us wrong, Disney World provides countless opportunities for smiles and wonderful memories, but you do have to account for attractions closures and breakdowns, storms and hot weather, big crowds and long lines, technical difficulties, not-s0-friendly prices, irritable guests, and a plethora of other potential stressors.

Rainy Day

Want to learn more about the person you’re visiting Disney World with? Watch how they handle all these expected and unexpected stressors and disappointments! Do they go with the flow or do they allow let things bother them? There’s no better to test someone’s resolve than in the jungle that is Disney World!

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How They Budget

2023 Food and Wine Festival Wristlet Gift Card

We’re not talking about how someone handles their finances daily — we’re talking about Disney budgeting! Disney World vacations are E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E, which means you probably can’t spend on absolutely everything you want to. So of course, you prioritize and budget!

Time to save money on Disney merchandise!

Do they prioritize food, hotels, merchandise, or park ad-ons? What about Disney World do they just HAVE to experience? Seeing how some budgets at Disney World isn’t about judging someone’s spending habits, but rather getting to see what they’re passionate about and what they value at the resort.

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How Much They Value Individualism and Lack of Inhibition

Goofy on Formal Night

When you go to Disney World, it’s important to remember: Standing out is actually normal! If there is any place on Earth where being yourself is always welcome, it’s Disney World.


When you’re at Disney World, do the people you’re with put on a front and care what other people think about them, or do they throw inhibition to the wind and act as themselves? When you’re thinking about this, be sure to remember that it’s okay for YOU to be yourself! At Disney World, you get the perfect chance to let down your hair and do what you want to do!

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How Imaginative They Are


Cue the opening to Fantasmic! — this one’s all about imagination! Without giving in to imagination, you limit yourself on your Disney World vacation. Most of the fun is about embracing the immersive world the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer and embracing your inner child — is it not?!


As Figment likes to say, “It’s always a good time to use your imagination! So let the good times roll!” Do you and the person/people you go to Disney World with take Figment’s advice? Do you suspend disbelief to enjoy the parks while giving in to nostalgia? Or are you always the adult in the room? You can notice these things by how the person you’re with interacts with characters, laughs at the silly things, and takes in the vibes at the parks.

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Are They Brave?

Hollywood Studios

Perhaps most importantly, Disney World affords you the chance to see how brave someone is. Rides like Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will test your mettle, among other thrill attractions Disney has to offer.

Expedition Everest

In truth, there is no character flaw in chickening out on some of Disney World’s scarier attractions, but it is something you can hold over them if you choose! On the flip side, if they’re braver than you and are eager to jump on the likes of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Hollywood Studios, then that’s something to admire and maybe use to build up your own courage to ride some of the more intense rides!

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Honorable Mention

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Room

We’re going to keep this one super short and simple (but that doesn’t negate how important it is) — if you’re sharing a room at a hotel, you can find out if this person –wait for it– snores! It’s important things like this that Disney World can reveal about people!

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