5 NEW Ice Cream Flavors Announced for Disney World and Disneyland

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! No, really, we do!

Salt & Straw

Okay, so every month, we get excited about the new flavors Salt & Straw announces — some of them are WAY out there, too. We’ve had ice cream that tasted like Deviled Eggs. We’ve had ice cream with bugs. Granted, those masterminds at Salt & Straw know how to create some DELICIOUS ice cream, so when we learned about the seven new flavors for February, we knew we had to try a few.

We headed to Disney Springs in Disney World and checked out this month’s flavors at Salt & Straw. There’s new flavors are all part of The Chocolatiers Series, which is ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE. Okay, YES. You’ve got Fran’s Chocolate Almond Gold Bar, Cloudforest’s Cocoa Hazelnut Magic Sauce, Dandelion’s Chocolate Nibs & Frangipane, Compartés’ Cake Batter Chocolate Fudge, and Exquisito Chocolate’s Passionfruit Truffles (a vegan offering).

New flavors!

We ordered a Split Scoop of the Exquisito Chocolate’s Passionfruit Truffles and Compartés Cake Batter Chocolate Fudge because YUM. Here’s a peek at all five flavors in the February menu.

©Salt & Straw

The Exquisito Chocolate’s Passionfruit Truffles is made with vanilla and passionfruit coconut creams, chocolate truffles, Guatemalan dark chocolate stracciatella (vegan), and passionfruit. We thought this ice cream tasted tart and tangy and very refreshing. This is the one ice cream you need on a hot day, for sure! The texture is more like a sorbet than an ice cream because it’s vegan.

Exquisito Chocolate’s Passionfruit Truffles on the left

The Compartés Cake Batter Chocolate Fudge is made with rainbow-sprinkled cake batter ice cream and brown butter vanilla bean fudge. As expected, this one is VERY sweet, but we loved that it had actual cake crumbles and sprinkles throughout it, plus some chocolate. The vanilla is also the strongest flavor here.

Compartés Cake Batter Chocolate Fudge on the right

We will warn you, though — these aren’t exactly two flavors that go well together, but you know us, we like to experiment! Separately, though, they were both delicious in their own ways! If you want to grab these flavors, they’ll only be available through the end of February — you can grab them in both Disney World and Downtown Disney in Disneyland.

Stay tuned to DFB for more reviews.

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