Will Disney World Ever Truly Get Rid of Park Passes for Annual Passholders?

We’re barely into 2024 and Disney World has already changed in some major ways.

Disney World Annual Pass

The Disney Dining Plan is back, Country Bear Jamboree is getting a refurbishment, and Park Passes Reservations have gone away for most guests! And, while that’s a reason to celebrate for most, Annual Passholders have been left wondering when it’ll be their turn. So, that begs the question: Will Disney World ever truly get rid of park passes for Annual Passholders?

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While we don’t claim to know the future (that’s something we typically leave to magic mirrors and crystal balls), we do have a few ideas about what might happen when it comes to the future of Park Pass Reservations for Annual Passholders (APs). But, we’re not the only ones who have thoughts — we turned to our readers on Facebook to get an idea of what they think, too, and here’s what they said.

Yes, Disney will get rid of park passes for Annual Passholders.

Real talk — Disney World never had park passes in the past (for APs or otherwise) so it would stand to reason that the parks could function just as they did once before. And, when you consider the fact that Disney has already done away with park passes for most other guests, well, why wouldn’t they also get rid of them for Annual Passholders?

Hollywood Studios

Disney has also stressed the importance of bringing flexibility back into the guest experience for parkgoers — acknowledging that they’ve heard guests saying they wish they could “plan with Disney Genie+ service and individual Lightning Lane selections before the day of their park visit” a la the old FastPass+ system.

Magic Kingdom

If flexibility is a goal, Disney might continue their efforts and offer that same flexibility to Passholders. Right now, APs still need to make reservations if they plan on visiting the parks before 2PM or Magic Kingdom on weekends — or if it’s a “Good To Go” Day. More on that in a bit.

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No, Disney won’t get rid of park passes for Annual Passholders.

Look, there’s probably a very good reason Disney has decided to do things this way and we won’t pretend to know what’s behind their logic. Through blockout dates and park passes, Disney can control when Annual Passholders visit the parks — and how many of them can visit on any given day compared to regular, ticketed guests.


Not only that, but we’ve heard Disney executives comment on park passes helping them to predict and control overall park capacity — something we know the company is quite fond of.

Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

Knowing where a parkgoer plans on spending their day is also a major factor when it comes to appropriate staffing of Cast Members. Park passes give Disney more information about crowds and where they may need to send more Cast Members on any given day. Disney let go quite a few Cast Members during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it doesn’t look like they’ve fully restaffed based on some offerings still not returning yet.

It all depends!

We warned you — we can’t see the future, so it all really just depends. Disney will likely test this current system out to see how it goes before making any changes — major or minor. We could also see Disney get rid of park passes for Annual Passholders for the most part, implementing them only during busy times like holidays and festivals.

Journey of Water

And then, there are the “Good To Go” Days. On these days, Passholders can enter any theme park with no reservation required. We’ve already seen some of these days pop up on the calendar, and Disney has even added more, indicating that this is something they plan on continuing — at least for a while.

Magic Kingdom

So, while we don’t actually know what the future holds for Annual Passholders and park passes, you can be sure that we’ll be keeping up with any major changes you need to know about.

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