When You CAN’T Use the Skyliner in Disney World

A few years ago, Disney World added one BIG perk to select hotels.

Who’s up for a ride on the Skyliner?

That’s right, we’re talking about the Disney Skyliner! This new-ish form of transportation opened in 2019 and since then, those staying at Pop Century Resort, Art of Animation Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Riviera Resort have been able to ride “The Most Magical Flight on Earth” to select locations. The Skyliner has been so popular, in fact, that sometimes people will park at Hollywood Studios just to hop on it and ride the loop! But if you’re hoping for a ride, you should know that there are certain times when you CAN’T ride the Skyliner in Disney World.

Outside of Operating Hours

This may seem obvious, but you can’t ride the Disney Skyliner outside of its operating hours! Like all other forms of complimentary Disney transportation, the Skyliner does not run 24/7. Typically, we see it opening around 7:30AM and closing around 10:30PM, although those hours can shift depending on park hours that day.

Hours for the Skyliner

Lines often form for the Skyliner before it opens in the morning. And if you find yourself leaving the park after the Skyliner has already closed for the night, you’ll have to find an alternate mode of transportation.

When There Are Weather Issues

In Florida, it rains…A LOT. And if there are thunderstorms in the area, the Skyliner will be required to close for the safety of the riders. If that happens, Disney will typically offer buses that run to the usual Skyliner destinations instead.

Disney World Skyliner

The Skyliner may also close if there’s excessive wind. Because the gondolas are attached to the cords by one hanging arm, they tend to swing if it’s particularly windy, so Disney will wait until the wind dies down to reopen.

When Going to Other Parks and Hotels

One thing you may not know if you aren’t a Disney expert is that the Skyliner doesn’t run all over Disney World — only to a select number of locations. The only two parks it services are EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, so you can’t ride the Skyliner to get to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

Disney Skyliner

The Skyliner also has stations at a few resorts — Riviera, Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and Art of Animation. Those staying at the EPCOT area resorts (Yacht Club, Beach Club, BoardWalk, and the Swan and Dolphin Hotels) can walk from their hotel to the International Gateway entrance of EPCOT and board the Skyliner there. However, if people staying at those EPCOT area hotels are trying to get to Hollywood Studios, there’s also the option of taking a Friendship Boat or walking directly to the park, so the Skyliner might not be the fastest route.

Skyliner Station at Disney Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

The Skyliner doesn’t travel to any of the other Disney World Resorts or Disney Springs, so you’ll need to find alternate transportation to get to those areas. If you’re trying to get around the property and running into issues, make sure to check out our transportation guide!

The Skyliner

So even though the Skyliner is a fan favorite, it does have its limits! We hope this information helps you get around Disney World efficiently!

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