Um, Can We Talk About the Dismembered Droid Head Souvenirs at Hollywood Studios?

There are TONS of souvenirs to choose from on your Disney World trip. You name it — Disney’s (probably) got it.

Droid in Galaxy’s Edge

Some souvenirs are a little cheaper than others, like Disney pins, while others are way more expensive, like building a Lightsaber or Droid in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But recently, we spotted a souvenir that seemed pretty obscure, and you definitely need to know about it — especially if you own one of those cute little Star Wars droids.

Over at Galaxy’s Edge, we were walking through the shops when we noticed several droid heads sitting on the shelf.

Yep, those are loose droid heads

Yep, droid heads of all different shapes and sizes. Did you know that you can purchase a replacement head for the droid you built at the Droid Depot? The heads are $15. No Droid Depot visit required!

Replacement heads

When you’re building your droid (an experience that costs $119.99), you can customize it however you’d like, even getting the opportunity to add a personality chip for an additional charge. So it’s good to know that if you end up not being a fan of the head you chose, you can replace it for under $20.

Building droids in Disney World

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