This May Be the HARDEST Souvenir To Get at Magic Kingdom Right Now

Some Disney souvenirs are so popular they sell out in MOMENTS.

Disney Merchandise

This just happened with one of the bags at EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts, and we see it often with Disney X Starbucks merchandise as well. We spotted a new piece of merchandise in Magic Kingdom a few days ago, and we’re not surprised to find it’s already gone. A LOT of people are about to be sad about this news — brace yourself.

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Recently, we spotted the ADORABLE Winnie the Pooh Lug Crossbody Bag in Magic Kingdom for $60.

Winnie The Pooh Lug Crossbody

Yep, you see where we’re going with this — it’s (already) completely sold out. The Tote and Backpack versions are still available in Magic Kingdom, but many people love the crossbody bags because of their slim size and multi-functional strap. We’ll keep our eyes out for a restock, but this new bag is SUPER popular, so it may come and go in the blink of an eye.

Winnie the Pooh Lug Backpack

We also saw something similar happen with the Figment Lug Crossbody Bags exclusive to the EPCOT Festival of the Arts. Those bags sold out QUICKLY!

Figment Lug Crossbody Bag

If you find yourself at  Disney’s Animal Kingdom, though, we have seen some pretty great Lug bags over there that you may love!

Animal Kingdom Lug wallet/crossbody/belt bag

If you won’t be in the parks soon, you can also grab some different Lug bags online to prepare for your upcoming trip!

The Lug Skeeter Mini 2 Convertible Crossbody goes with everything!


The Lug Skeeter Mini 2 Convertible Crossbody is the same size as the other crossbody bags but is all black, matching alllll different types of outfits. The adjustable strap means it can fit comfortably wherever you’d like, and there’s enough room for your essentials.

Grab it here!

This Polka Dotted Lug Skeeter Crossbody is great for Minnie Mouse fans!


If you’re looking for something a little larger, the Polka Dotted Lug Skeeter Crossbody may be the answer. It’s still small and compact but has more pockets for more storage and is a bit wider. Plus, you’ll be rocking Minnie’s signature polka dots!

Add it to your cart!

Prefer a backpack? The Lug Hopper Shorty Backpack is here for you!


If you prefer to carry around something larger in the parks, grab the Lug Hopper Shorty Backpack! It’s brightly colored to be easily seen and has tons of pockets to carry everything you need.

Check it out here!

We “spotted” MORE Minnie Mouse Polka Dots on this Lug Hopper Shorty Backpack!


Loved that Minnie Mouse style, but just need more space? This Lug Polka Dotted Hopper Shorty Backpack is the answer to your desires. It’s got tons of pockets to store everything you need, and you’ll still be able to rock those Minnie Mouse polka dots.

Grab it online!

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