This ADORABLE Disney World Announcement Will Give You a BIG Cause To Celebrate

Okay, so some things at Disney World are always just TOO cute for words.

Animal Kingdom

Disney characters ALWAYS make us smile. Cast Members are SO fun and sweet. Disney ducks can literally make our day. But we absolutely LOVE it when Disney announces baby animals being born. Recently, Disney’s Animal Kingdom just got a few newborns, and yes, we are OBSESSED.

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Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment, just shared the news that three new baby Cotton-Top Tamarins have been born in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Tamarins are among the smallest of primates and are generally found in the tropical forests in northwestern Colombia. They’re known for their WILD hairdos. They’re also SO cute.


These monkeys are a critically endangered species, so it’s a big deal when more are born — these monkeys are now among the rarest primates in the world. So let’s just say that these newborns give us a big cause to celebrate.


Right now, the triplets are busy bonding with their parents and siblings. According to Dr. Penning, both the mom and dad share baby care responsibilities and will carry the young ones on their backs until they are about 14 weeks of age. AWWW!


These babies will eventually grow to about 1 pound (we told you they were tiny), but they will still be able to leap 15 feet from a stationary branch!


If you’re visiting Animal Kingdom, you might just see this beautiful family doing its thing. So be sure to take time to appreciate them. You’ll find them on Discovery Island in the park.

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